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Time to get serious, and I actually mean serious. Some nights the weight gong to bed is 188, and that is ridiculous. Also, a scale is inaccurate, but a good enough measure to make one get serious. Some mornings my weight is 183, but also many mornings it is 185.  I need to be below 180 when I get up.
While on our last elongated cruise, we resorted to Cindy using the bath brush daily before dinner. Simply 10 to 15 truly strong spanks, and my bottom would be mostly red, and with a gray spot in the middle of each cheek surrounded by red.
It worked! I stopped gaining weight, and got back to my normal 181 - 183 range in the morning. Also, hiking and walking in every port also helped immensely. No bread at dinner, and no late night snacks. I am currently the king of late night snacks.
Yesterday: Three pillows on top of each other,  on the bed with me bare bottomed on top. The cane was used, but Cindy is  many times timid. This was quite a bit timid. To finish, six with the LONG TAWSE. This is a heavy implement, and the first spank had my feet JUMP, a pause, then the next which had a foot dance, and Cindy realized this was being EFFECTIVE. A little pause  between each spank until I settled down, and then the next was give. Wow, can your feet jerk upwards 90 degrees in a hurry.

I was permitted to get up after 6 strokes, and I thanked Cindy. We cuddled, and then made love. The making love after a spanking does not always occur, maybe only about 35% of the time.

We talked after a beautiful 4 mile hike today ( that will help my weight lowering), and I explained how Cindy should consider how I reacted when she used the tawse, as it was so VERY effective. This should be her goal with the cane. If I am not moving, and no red line appears, the stroke was too timid.
This is probably going to be a regular (daily, every second day, or every third day) depending on Cindy's mood. My  bottom is still sore from yesterday's spanking, 24 hours ago.

Wish us luck!

bottoms up



Bruno y Mia said...

I humbly offer you my blog with 100% real stories with my submissive girlfriend

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

I sympathize. I feel like I've been fairly responsible during this lockdown in terms of diet. Not perfect by a longshot, but pretty good all things considered. Yet, I can't seem to make the damn scale move downward.

Spanked Cowboy said...

Luckly, I have been able to maintain my weight goal. I weigh in every Monday, nude, right out of bed. So far, she has not had to take any action to 'assist' me in weight control. I think Cindy has you going in the right direction. That wood spoon spanking sounded like a great kickoff to an effective weight control program. A cane and tawse regularly should be a great incentive for you. Best of luck to you and a hearty 'well done' to Cindy.

Red said...

Brno: thank you for the link. i will eventually post about your blog. I do see you have a translate button as when I looked awhile ago it did not translate easily.

Dan: at least I am back to about 183, so it has come back, and now has to go lower. We are walking daily as the weather is suitable, and only during the week avoiding people are narrow trails. good luck...

Sapnked Cowboy: glad your s is staying stable, and thanks for the praise to Cindy.
bottoms up