Wooden spoon strikes again

Well, three strikes and the wooden spoon comes out.
Strike one: not complimenting when compliments are due. Cindy really never takes the fruit out  of the fridge, even though she is the first one up. Today, she did take the Strawberries out, and I did NOT compliment her for her efforts to remember
Strike two: Thought I was explaining, but informed I was complaining when I stated that the soft boiled eggs were a little overdone. Be happy, it was the first time in a long time, and they were only slightly firm yolk, and only at the absolute top.  Not something to complain about when your lunch is made for you. (I had been working In the garden
Strike THREE. Cindy brought me a cup of coffee and a home baked muffin, and I thought I was teaswing by saying: So, no wonder I am putting on weight, as you feed me chocolate  chip muffins in the afternoon.
Get in the kitchen (I was at my computer in the front room, and BARE YOUR BOTTOM.
Many spanks with the heavy wooden spoon. Then, explanation number one, followed by more spanks.
Then reason number two, and more spanks afterwards
Reason number three, and more spanks afterwards.
Thank you dear, when I was permitted to rise.

Guess my method of attempted teasing is a thing of the past, as spankings are now a thing of the present.

bottoms up



Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

I kind of get the "teasing" about the muffins. Whenever I start focusing on diet, I can count on Anne to start baking brownies.

Red said...

Dan: Anne has an interesting reaction, but I doubt she needs to fatten you up just to spank you. I would believe that she is trying to have you eat healthy snacks, not crap from the store.
bottoms up