Spanked Cowboy's blog

Spanked Cowboy has been around for many years, and I have only found it recently due to him posting comments on my blog.

Sadly, I have yet to really explore the spanking blog world.

Here is what he has to say:

I live in a 24/7, female-led, D/s, DD relationship. I have covenants, chores, duties and rules to live by. I am kept totally nude whenever in the house. I receive discipline spankings whenever she deems necessary and randomly scheduled maintenance spankings.

His blog started in 2015, and has over 200 post, roughly one a week.  The level of maintenance spankings he receives is truly frightening to me, but they are happy, and content with the lifestyle.

IF you delve into discipline spankings, whether mild spankings or spankings that bring tears flowing, or somewhere in between is for each couple to decide.

Enjoy visiting his site.

bottoms up  (hum along to the song)



bdenied said...

In my humble view if a spanking is for discipline/ punishment, it should hurt a lot and not be in any way erotic.

Unknown said...