Stress relief

Truly, I imagine most if not all people are feeling the stress, except those to dumb to understand, or who think they are invincible.

We were quite a bit testy with each other yesterday on a walk, and finding fault with whatever each of us said.

When we were home, I approached Cindy about it, and she was brusque about any problem. I suggested she should spank me, as it relieves both of our stress.

I get the relief with my mind focused on each spank landing and reacting.

Cindy gets relief by in effect lashing out, instead of being prima nd proper, and is able to say what she dislikes about my recent behavior. However, it is more just a release from the stress, with no specific reason for the spanking.

This was a REAL SPANKING. Over the knee, bare bottomed, for many hard spanks with the bath brush. (many, many, with pauses after a flurry, lecture, another flurry, lecture, slow harder spanks) My feet were dong a dance, and Cindy asked a couple of times to make certain I was breathing and not holding my breath.

Okay, you can get up, and bring me the cane. Place yourself over pillows on the bed.

Many hard cane strokes (maybe not as fierce as what Ronnie received from P) Read it here. https://ronniesoul.blogspot.com/2020/04/lockdown-caning_24.html  However, many to the top of the back of the legs, and they HURT BIGTIME.

A pause for more lecture, much friendlier now, but then more hard cane strokes. each caused movement in my legs or feet.

Cindy, with a happy lilt in her voice, said I could get up and look in the mirror. I thanked hr for the spanking, and went to the bath room mirror to see some strong red lines on the top of the back of my legs, and a big grey patch in the middle of each red cheek.

All is well the rest of the evening, and today has been great. Wee are happy and back to coping well.

I highly recommend  this method to keep your sanity. It should go without saying, that my bottom is very sore today.

Another way to social distance and still have fun

bottoms up



Thought for the day

Well, I am actually running out of thoughts.

How about you?
I have many projects on the go, so am trying today to finish some, so the place gets tidy again.
Cindy has never gotten frustrated enough to say kiss my ass, but she might also be aware that I would do it, and more

so a partial solution to happiness is
and do help out with household chores
BUT if  you mess up, there are consequences!
So, enjoy life,
no matter which side of the hair brush or tawse you are on.

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spanking artist Nik Zula

I am certain, many in not most readers are aware of  Nik Zula's art and of his blog.

However, it is always fun to post about good art work, with interesting little captions.

His ladies are always beautiful, with gorgeous bottoms.

go visit.
PS: I also enjoy the wedgie art
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Happiness is having someone who enjoys spanking you, both as a fun spanking, and when needed as a discipline spanking!
Both type of spankings should be significantly effective
and your partner hopefully will be smiling when announcing you are about to be spanked!
Smiling while spanking should be the goal

Either you are pleasing the spankee

or making a  start at solving a problem

Either way, be happy, and maybe tell him how much you are enjoying spanking him

and how both of  you will benefit from this spanking.

So smile, 
Specially when you show him just how much the cane will bend
and thus how more velocity it will have when it abruptly meets his bottom

R3meber the Thank you from him, 
and the kiss that says I love you sweetheart

What a wonderful way to spend a portion of the day during lock-down / social distancing

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Do you receive/give on the spot short spankings?

Just wondering
Would you like to share some information about your spanking lifestyle?

Cindy frequently uses  the wooden spoon on my bare bottom in the kitchen,  while we are preparing a meal, or cleaning up,  or for some other misdeed on my part. I doubt it has ever been brought to the bedroom, as many more wooden implements, and tawses, and canes reside in our bedroom.
The beauty of these wooden spoon or  soup stirrer is the release of stress or annoyance on Cindy's part, and a notice to be more thoughtful and helpful.

The words are quite simple:  get the wooden spoon and bare your bottom!

I end up on my toes, sometimes, as the hard spanks descend on my bottom. I am not always wrong, but one does not disagree with the wooden spoon while it is being used.
You can almost hear the question: Have you learned your  lesson?
And yes, my bottom will be red, with grey spots after some of these spankings. I had a dose of this today.

So, what are your experiences, on either side of the wooden spoon

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focus on the blank space in the center Batnan