No visitors thus spanking implements do not need to be hidden

It is always delightful to see spanking implements being displayed in easily available settings in the house or garden shed.

I have taken to leaving the wooden bath  brush out in our bathroom, as no visitors will ever be entering our home in the foreseeable future.
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This would be a fun yard sale to encounter
these are not ours, but I could display six different size canes, thanks to Ronnie's site selling them.
What is your opinion, if no children or others live with you except your partner?

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Glenmoretales said...

The big bath brush hangs by the ensuite shower as in most households , so most visitors don't go in there anyway , and if they did there is no reason for them to believe it is used for any other reason than to scrub your back.
It also makes it close at hand for her should she need it!
Hr favourite 'go to' paddle remains hidden in her bedside drawer as it is pretty obvious its purpose is to blister my backside.

Joe said...

I build our bedroom separate from the rest of the house. It is a secluded room in the basement where no one goes. Told my wife I was going to hang our collection on the wall but she did not like that idea.

Red said...

Glenmore: Always seeing the bath brush gives a fun reminder of what can happen. Possibly, if no one else lives with both of you, you would be safe to put the paddle on her dresser. Phrased another way, you would be safe that no one sees it, but your bottom would be very unsafe when she sees it.

Joe: if others live at home, not safe to display anything that has only a spanking purpose.

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