At home self isolating and being spanked

Cindy is a little stressed, whereas I feel I am not stressed. You can see where this is going, without the title.

Reason: where we were had no known corona virus until two days after we left. Obviously it was there, but the city we live in has many more cases. However, on the airplane, there were people from many places, not just the island where we had been. Thus, some worry, but minimal.
Personally, I object to the use of elderly, as being 60's and older, when referring to corona virus. A catch-all phrase, that just simply does not apply on masse. We were hiking around 5 to 6 miles a day, with a lot of hills, so do NOT fit into the category of what people think of elderly.

This rarely happens, but Cindy was upset, and told me: " Go upstairs and get a spanking implement out for me, and wait in the corner for me to come upstairs."

When Cindy came up 5 minutes later, I explained I was not certain what implement she wanted. She stated: "THE CANE"

Bare bottomed, pillows under my crotch to raise my bottom, and at the corner of the end of the bed, a quite significant caning was given. Some on the top of the back of the legs, many on the fleshy bottom, and some towards the top of the bottom.

After many stokes, a pause, a lecture, and then a continuation.

Finally Cindy stated count the last ten out loud, which I did.
Each stroke was given harder than the previous one. My feet were somewhat moving, but I tried to stay in place.

I thanked Cindy when she was finished for spanking me.

Later in the day, another spanking was given, this time with the bath brush for a few more than ten really strong spanks. ( I no longer count unless asked to)

Yesterday, all was well and content, but again today a little upset has been occurring. Who knows how the day will end.

bottoms up  (and keep smiling)



Anonymous said...

I want to say how much I enjoy this blog. Ive said it before, but the smiles are what we need now. THANKS!! Jack

Joe said...

Thanks Red always enjoy your posts. The virus aside would love 2 weeks seclusion with my wife.

Spanked Cowboy said...

Just wanted to say that we use stress relief spankings and they do work for me. Regardless of the reason for the stress, she seems to know when I need one and is happy to deliver what she feels I need. I appreciate it too.

Red said...

Jack: thanks to continue to drop by, as I fully intended t0 close the blog
Joe: it is wonderful to have a partner you enjoy being with.
Spanked cowboy: wonderful arrangement, and stress relief is always needed. We are lucky to have this method.
bottoms up