a question on self isolating

If you and your partner are self isolating,
is the above true?

Are you being spanked more frequently than before self isolating?

My personal experience is : Yes, I am being spanked more often!

One day, a second spanking was given because I had done something that upset Cindy. It was a: " bare your bottom and bend over"   Immediate, on the spot, and much longer than any on the spot spanking.

Two days later, an on the spot spanking was given;  Same method, told to bare my bottom, and bend over, and when I did, NO, bend over and put your chest on the counter.

What followed was a significant spanking with our soup stirrer, with a pause and lecture, then more spanking, a pause for Cindy to catch her breath, and then many more until she was satisfied, and I was squirming and owwing.

We are only one week into self isolation, but we are fortunate, as we live in a nice community, wide streets, space between houses, and friendly people. We wave or talk but from opposite sides of the street. Many times, you meet no one on the streets.

Thus: are you self isolating or social distnacing, and as a result either being spanked more often, or at least warned that you are close to being spanked?

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Dan said...

I find that I have been getting spanked much more since my wife is working from home. She has been checking up on my chores constantly and has not been happy with the way I manage my time or do my chores.

Spanked Cowboy said...

Actually, that has not occurred. Since being cooped up, maintenance spankings have been given on schedule, but so far no extra ones. Do you feel the isolation is more difficult on her, as the HoH, than on you?

Baxter said...

Well, I will complete my second week of working from home tomorrow and no spankings except on the weekend as a warmup to sex. Some of us actually have to work to keep stuff moving in this country; I work in logistics for my employer. Today marks day five of the Illinois stay the fuck home order, but we are doing fine. I am not spending 90 minutes each way on bus & train commuting. Life is good.

Joe said...

No isolation for me as I work in an essential business. But as my Birthday just passed and my could go shopping she made me a very special dinner with very erotic spanking for dessert.

Red said...

Dan: a reasonable outcome if you have been claiming that certain things take much longer than they actually do. glad you both have a way of relieving stress caused by being together 24/7.

Spanked Cowboy; Might take your wife a little while to figure out certain behaviors could be improved by a on the spot spanking. you could suggest it as a way to reduce any stress that will be building. Isolation is not so bad, as we can walk the neighborhood, video chat with children, grandchildren and others.

Baxter: You might want to suggest to your wife that the occasional extra spanking, for any annoyance or just for the fun of it, might be useful for both of you to keep from letting stress build. One must realize that two weeks really means two months.

Joe: Happy birthday. Sounds delightful
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