A different type of spanking

Cindy is developing to be a much stronger spanker, whenever she wants! I have always thought that I just had developed a hardened bottom, but that is not the case.

While on vacation, Cindy was quite upset about something I had done, and decided to spank before we went out for dinner.

Chosen implement was the short tawse.

Bare bottom, with my tee shirt lifted and tucked underneath my arms.  I was on my knees, but upright on a chair.  This leaves my bottom chubbier, than when I bend over. Cindy states that I have a bony bottom, with little padding, thus this shows more spankable area.

Six strong (no: extremely strong, full strength spanks) and each felt like a line of fire on my bottom from a red hot poker.

My arms just moved, and the tee shirt dropped covering my bottom.

Cindy just tucked it back up, and began again.

In total, maybe fifteen really solid spanks, with my tee-shirt dropping twice more,. I did not do this deliberately! It was just a confusion in my mind and body as to what was happening to my bottom.

Cindy was quite pleased with how RED my bottom was, and said I should get dressed. I thanked her for the spanking. (My bottom was on fire, and many of the spanks had been tot he top  part of my bottom.

I have rarely seen pictures of this position, but it truly exposes the top of the bottom.

For more tawse photos, visit https://tawseman.tumblr.com/   You can even access it's archive.

While we are self isolating, I will be posting and then see what else happens.

Hope everyone stays safe, and is given a very real spanking sometime soon.

bottoms up

Every man's dream



Joe said...

Sounds like a real good spanking. I have been promised one tonight.

Dan said...

I'm glad nothing changes while you were on vacation. We were also in Florida for a month and while at the resort we stayed at my wife also needed to spank me. She really gave me a hard spanking then after we went down to the pool and while there the lady who's room was next to us came down and grabbed the lounge next to us. We talked to her several times so we knew her. When she walked by me she said someone must have been naughty today and got a spanking. My wife just said yea he got mouthy and I had to correct it and that was it. A few minutes later her husband came down.

We thought about it later and wondered if they were a spanking couple too. They left the next morning so we never found out.

Anonymous said...

I have never been spanked in that position and from your description it's quite painful. Or maybe she is getting a stronger arm. I though of you two on your last trip when this virus hit. glad you didn't get stuck on the boat.

Red said...

Joe: it was, and I hope you were spanked the night you mentioned.

DAN: delightful conversation, and in the future, if anyone knows, ask if they also are involved. Missed opportunity, and they rarely occur. However, I might have been too shy to ask also, so this is fair warning to myself to get over any potential shyness.

archedone: We are thrilled we were not on any cruise ship, and it may be years before we ever do again, no matter how low the prices may go. Cindy has lots of room to swing forcefully, and it places my bottom just in the sweet spot for her size to connect.

bottoms up