The times they are a changin

Just a quick post

A interesting  website has the following, but I have lost what website it is.  If you know, please share the link so I can post it.
 simple reminders are sometimes needed
and I enjoy that the man must be naked, while his partner remains clothed

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random jokes and thoughts to make you smile

So many fun sites posting humor, which is so very much needed at this time in life.
Women and men will still always be able to get a suntan
one way or the other
this is the other suntan method
Of course, single men and single women have a different coping strategy

The last joke on this page may truly test your limits, but I find it funny, and have negative 100% respect for ROYALTY, you will see it displayed n the last joke.
 Remember to always do this sometime during the day

 Remember social distancing
and people are imaginative
okay: here they come,  Talking about Prince Charles of England having the Corona Virus. These are his two sons talking!
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Aw come on, you smiled at first



new rules worth following

Hope everyone keeps posting on the various spanking blogs, and people take the time to leave comments wherever they visit.
  1.  It gives readers a distraction from the reality currently happening
  2.  When writing a post, it helps me pass the time with a fun activity
  3.  Maybe it gives suggestions to people for new ways to spank, or be spanked
  4.  and gives people the corage to explore new adventures while a thome
Here is one new thing that we are going to try to be consistent about, courtesy of

I have almost always gotten away by apologizing, and explaining, and commenting how when I get stressed or anxious this is how I sometimes react.

No reasons are going to be tolerated any more.

Staying at home has added stress,  and I have asked to be spanked more often, and stronger, to help relieve both of our stress.

I have already been spanked today, and we both are much happier.  It is at least three hours since the spanking, and my bottom is still sore, while I sit and type on a padded chair.

So, how is your life going?

Please feel to share fact, not fantasy!
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No visitors thus spanking implements do not need to be hidden

It is always delightful to see spanking implements being displayed in easily available settings in the house or garden shed.

I have taken to leaving the wooden bath  brush out in our bathroom, as no visitors will ever be entering our home in the foreseeable future.
other photos from the web

This would be a fun yard sale to encounter
these are not ours, but I could display six different size canes, thanks to Ronnie's site selling them.
What is your opinion, if no children or others live with you except your partner?

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Diffferent times

Well, life is never dull, if you watch the news.
Best to not keep watching more than 30 minutes a day (for your mental health),




If you are not following the rules, 
and your wife finds out,
 you will hear these magical FOUR WORDS
So, here are some smiles
A safety measure that is worth trying.
How lucky can our grandkids be

and  lastly
for the fashionistas in the audience (nearly naked women modeling clothes)

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MARTINETS, and a site to visit

If you have a tumblr account, there are so many new and also old spanking related sites to visit.

This is one I really recommend, because most photos you will have never seen before.

The main concept of the blog is spanking with martinets.

However: WARNING: it does have significant spanking of children in artwork, but I have chosen to ignore this and still inform you about the site.
It may even have the  person who creates the tumblr with photos of her bottom after the martinet was used.
there are also a significant amount of photos of pussies  ( I could not resist...  I mean young CATS)
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