National Orgasm Day

OOPS! The title was meant to be Happy Valentines Day, but these damn auto correct programs can be fun!

Always remember 

Happy Wife

Happy Life

Many men enjoy most aspects of a spanking,

as do many  women

except the men may not enjoy the actual spanking itself

some enjoy it afterwards also

Whatever you do today, enjoy fun times with your partner!
IF you are both physically capable, Happy Orgasm Day!

bottoms up



sissy snow said...

i definitely enjoy the before and after feelings. during hurts often not fun. kind of the point tho

Anonymous said...

For me it's hard to explain the feeling when I'm getting ready for a spanking. the laying out of implements, rolling up a blanket for under my hips, then standing before her for the talk about why a spanking is about to happen. For some reason all this time I have a full erection that she enjoys seeing. then laying down on the bed, blanket under my hips my bottom arched up ready to accept the spanking. Then the spanking begins. Slight sting then as the spanks land harder more sting. The erection had left at this point and the feet are dancing, my bottom is wiggling trying to avoid the spanks, and as the spanking gets more intense i find myself arching my bottom out more for her, in my own little way of asking for more. Then the spanking stops, bottom rubbing time from her starts, along with the cuddling and kissing. My bottom has a red glow and is sore and for some reason i wish she had not stopped spanking me.
I love presenting my bottom for her to spank.

Red said...

sissy: agreed

aechedone: delightful to read. Keep enjoying this fun kink. Imagine how boring life might be at times without it.

bottoms up