Leading by the ear part 2

Well, it is all fantasy, but some sites do it well
imagine a wife declaring " come with me!", and then taking the man by the ear and marching him into the house.
Everyone present would be listening for the sound of a spanking next.

this woman might even be having fun asking him to tell everyone what happens next, whenever she takes a hold of his ear like this1
The school setting is always fun for a public spanking, in fantasy land.
 might this woman be practicing how to take a firm grip of his ear, before taking him to wherever you want to spank him.
these ladies are delighted that they have seen the misbehavior, and have been invited to follow along to see him be spanked

 looks like someone has asked the wife, What happens next?
 and one can imagine this young man being guided strongly, to the awaiting lap of the spanker
occasionally, she might just want to slap him, so the ear grab keeps him in place, and then later he wil be spanked.

what are your thoughts on the concept of ear pulling?

bottoms up



Dan said...

Yes my wife has grabbed me by my ear and taken me to her spanking chair many times. She has also taken me by my ear after a spanking and put me in the corner.

Red said...

Dan: sounds like a fun event, where you become truly submissive
bottoms up