Leading by the ear part 2

Well, it is all fantasy, but some sites do it well
imagine a wife declaring " come with me!", and then taking the man by the ear and marching him into the house.
Everyone present would be listening for the sound of a spanking next.

this woman might even be having fun asking him to tell everyone what happens next, whenever she takes a hold of his ear like this1
The school setting is always fun for a public spanking, in fantasy land.
 might this woman be practicing how to take a firm grip of his ear, before taking him to wherever you want to spank him.
these ladies are delighted that they have seen the misbehavior, and have been invited to follow along to see him be spanked

 looks like someone has asked the wife, What happens next?
 and one can imagine this young man being guided strongly, to the awaiting lap of the spanker
occasionally, she might just want to slap him, so the ear grab keeps him in place, and then later he wil be spanked.

what are your thoughts on the concept of ear pulling?

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Being lead by the ear part one

Any ideas what will happen almost immediately?
Well, it should be obvious
a rather bottom warming experience awaits
so here are numerous other photos, that will obviously end with the person being spanked
Fun way to direct him over the knees, but it appears someone else has just entered the room
 definitely gets the message across that more pain is to follow
and she is seated, ready to deliver
Might it continue while being spanked so you do not put up too much of a fuss
 Or even after the spanking while you are being told these ears better listen and do as they are told in future!
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Happy Women means Happy Men

The question?

When involved with spanking your partner:

Which position do you prefer for your wife to be in?

Happy and Ready to be spanked?

Happy and Ready to spank you?

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Fun Facts;
    Having a cold drink on hot day with a few friends is nice, but having a hot friend on a cold night after a few drinks - PRICELESS.



Free spanking videos

The internet is so very, very full of free spanking materials, that one can be overwhelmed.

Here is one example, where the maid gets to give the spanking

or a woman spanking a man

or a strong use of the belt

but really, just go to

and type spanking in the search box, and see thousands upon thousands of videos FOR FREE.

if you are on bdsmlr….

then you might visit

enjoy wandering

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Sweet or Nasty

The first gif is definitely SWEET.

After asking you to spank her, 

she prepares, waits, and then asks again

But if she asked for a NASTY spanking

I would never do this

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