spanked again!

The day after the last spanking, and before guests came to visit, Cindy decided that another small spanking(?) would be  a good idea. As she was tired, it was decided she should use the long tawse and the cane.

Bare bottom, three pillows under my groin to raise my bottom, and positioned on the corner of the bed so that the legs are spread, and thus more area to spank.

the tawse was applied strongly, and each stroke caused my feet to react, and a outtake or intake of air noisily. Cindy paused after each stroke until my feet settled down, and then the next stroke was swiftly given.  Only occasionally were two given in rapid succession. Cindy visited everywhere, the top of my bottom, the middle, and the top of the back of my legs.  Around twenty or more spanks, and then the lecture.

After the lecture, it was the cane giving quick strokes filling in any area not sufficiently red enough, plus those areas that were red, I imagine.
(Closest photo I could find)
A very effective spanking, given in about ten minutes.

My bottom was very red when permitted to look, and prior to that I thanked Cindy for the spanking.

Have you been spanked recently?

bottoms up



Joe said...

Yes last night my wife said I was too grumpy and needed to be dealt with, so on the bed I went bare bottom raised by pillows under me. First cam the leather strap which looks like a small belt, many hard smacks covering my entire bottom and top of legs until I am sure nice and res. Nest came the wooden paddle which is large enough to smack both cheeks at once, 6" wide and 1/2" thick, packs quite a wallop was used steadily and with authority on the sit spot at least 2 dozen times. She told me to catch my breathe for a minute but stay in place and asked if my disposition was improving, I said yes it certainly was and I was getting horny. She just laughed and said we were not done yet and suddenly she started with the cane fast and hard, no idea how many swats but it went on for several minutes. She said she was done and I could get up and my bottom was bright red, I thanked her for the spanking and she kissed and hugged me.

Anonymous said...

We call those you better behave spankings, quick and to the point. Because of the flu my bottom has not had attention for a bit but I'm sure very soon it will be presented to her. I have been spanked the way you describe. Robyn at times will spank slow and hard with time between each spank. She feels that is a good way for me to feel the full sting of each spank and also lets me settle between spanks so she cam make them land where she wants.

Anonymous said...

Wow you did waste any time getting in trouble this year.

Michael M said...

Sounds like a good one. Yes I have had a good dose of spanking and caning recently. Nice photo of the chap over the bench.

Red said...

Joe: thanks for writing. I posted this for Jan 25
archedone: thanks for writing. I posted this for Jan 27
anon: a special skill I have
Michael M: glad to know you are an active member of consensual spankng.

bottoms up