I have always wondered about birching. In Florida, they have the species known as river birch...

Have you ever been birched, or something of a similar nature?

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Dan: A disciplined husband spanked

Dan has a blog that most of my readers are aware of, but if you have never visited, you owe it to yourself to visit.

Our more recent spankings are pretty similar to what you describe. 

Like Cindy, Anne doesn't do warm-ups. 

Each spanking begins and ends hard. 

She almost always uses multiple instruments, usually some mix of leather straps, 

wooden paddles, and very frequently the bath brush. 

She does use canes, but not often. It definitely is not a preferred tool for her, and she struggles to use it effectively. 

We don't have a tawse, though I've thought about getting one. 

But, last year we acquired a DWC-branded short leather "paddle," that works much as you describe. Unlike her longer straps that cover both cheeks, the end of this short one has a way of finding the sensitive parts between the cheeks, which can be extremely painful. 

Once again, these ladies are far nicer to look at thaan a man's
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archedone spankings

This fine gentleman writes about his spankings quite often, so if you would like to read some o of them, please look at the comments.

We call those you better behave spankings, quick and to the point. Because of the flu my bottom has not had attention for a bit but I'm sure very soon it will be presented to her.

I have been spanked the way you describe. 

Robyn at times will spank slow and hard with time between each spank. 

She feels that is a good way for me to feel the full sting of each spank and also lets me settle between spanks so she can make them land where she wants.


Thanks for sharing archedone.

Do others find that their partner varies the types of spanking regularly?

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Joe spanked for being GRUMPY

Thank you joe for writing a lengthy description of how your wife deals with your grumpiness.

It is good to have other people's spankings described, so that readers get a fuller understanding  of what is like when your wife adopts using spanking in your marriage.

Yes last night my wife said I was too grumpy and needed to be dealt with, so on the bed I went bare bottom raised by pillows under me. First came the leather strap which looks like a small belt, many hard smacks covering my entire bottom and top of legs until I am sure nice and red.

Next came the wooden paddle which is large enough to smack both cheeks at once, 6" wide and 1/2" thick, packs quite a wallop was used steadily and with authority on the sit spot at least 2 dozen times. 

She told me to catch my breathe for a minute but stay in place and asked if my disposition was improving, I said yes it certainly was and I was getting horny.

She just laughed and said we were not done yet and suddenly she started with the cane fast and hard, no idea how many swats but it went on for several minutes. 

She said she was done and I could get up and my bottom was bright red, I thanked her for the spanking and she kissed and hugged me. 

I just thought you would enjoy seeing women's bottoms instead of a man's bottom

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Ask for a domestic discipline relationship

IF you are married for  some time now, and viewing this website, then you might be interested in being spanked.

If your only interest is in spanking your partner, then this could be a significant problem, as any interaction between individuals HAS TO BE  CONSENSUAL.

Thus, if this is what you really want,
and if you are really lucky, your wife will grow into her role,  and take it seriously, where you have no control of your spankings
Simply, any  behavior might seem innocuous to you, but you will learn that it annoys your wife
and your "honey do list" had better be done quickly
for those readers unaware of a "honey do list" it is a soft way for a woman to request you do something around the house, expressed as Honey could you fix the screen door, it sometimes jams", or " honey, could you stop by the grocery store and pick up some milk"

The following will be a thing of the past

I, for one, believe this is a good thing for our marriage, and it also increases the love and our sex life.


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Audrey Knight spanked hard

I have never liked spankings that show blood, or bruising

Thus, certain spanking sites I have not promoted  when asked.

However, seeing Audrey spanked, or imagining her spanking me, has always been a pleasurable thought.

Here are some videos you might enjoy, and many more are there also.





After experiencing being the spankee for so long, everyone can see why Audrey switched and became the spanker.

See these videos before they disappear.

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Not pleased

Sometimes, you can just tell your wife is not pleased with your behavior.
So, congratulation
 now bare your bottom
and get over my knees
expect a sunburned bottom, and not even being in the sun
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