Happy New Year's Eve (Wow - Philosophy)

Well, anyone reading this has almost made it through 2020,

The virus was worse than the Grinch

and now, 


so here's to 2021
nicknamed the year of the jab


but really

then again

so enjoy life, 

enjoy being spanked


bottoms up
a video of me  walking into 2021



Be Happy

These are difficult times!

My hope is that I provide for you my readers:

A little bit of EROTIC relaxation

now that your partner has decided she is happy spanking you

fantasy fulfillment of your desires,  (one might be that you are spanked in front of other people)

or maybe outdoors

Always a smile, 

or some food for thought


Enjoy spanking and smiling

Three nuns were talking.
The first nun said,
  “I was cleaning the Father’s room the other day and do you know what I
found?  A bunch of pornographic magazines!”
“What did you do?” the other nuns asked.
Well, of course I threw them in the trash.”
The second nun said, ” Well, I can top that.
When I  was in Father’s room putting away the laundry and I found a bunch of
“Oh my God!” gasped the other nuns.
“What did you do?” they asked.
“I poked holes in all of them,” she replied.
The third nun said, “Oh shit!”



Feet up spanking

We have never tried this, but it certainly looks effective. Every part of your bottom is available for the spanker to spank.

Added feature is the back of the legs are very tempting to be spanked, and the sit spot is a constant spanking spot.


The methodical spanks give you no respite, and for this fine woman she also work on her abs while being spanked

Modesty was permitted in the above spanking, les sin the photo below


Modesty was abandoned for the belt. I imagine if we had a later picture, those inside cheeks would be RED!   I can  well imagine how spanking the near cheek will delve into that white area.

Never been a fan of the classification of diaper position for spanking, but it is appropriate.


It must be amazing, and unsettling, to have a hand spanking you while in this position.
For more photos, simply do a search on your computer, or click this link

Have you ever spanked, or been spanked in this position?

This hand seems to be having fun!

bottoms up



Erotic nipple play (ladies playing with men's nipples)

Some might be amazed, and some already know, that men's nipples are also sensitive erotically.

We started because I asked Cindy to try it, and at first her reaction was  "What???"

The first couple of times was of limited success, but then we both adapted to the sensuality and eroticism. 

The above gif truly catches the mood! Hot lips, smoldering, sensually playing, sucking, and tonguing. While this is happening, Cindy might also be stroking my cock.

Cindy also loves nibbling on my nipples, and enjoys my reaction. (eeeee) However, reciprocating is a definite NO NO!

It all just a part of a wonderful sexual encounter, where pleasing and playing is a definite must for full enjoyment. (I had more photos, but my computer died and I lost quite a lot of saved items).

If you have never tried it, 

here is an article to read of so many different possibilities

and for more ideas  

and their is so much more beyond the nipples for play; 

read these ideas, and Have an exceptionally great and Happy New Year's Night!

bottoms up

Are you old enough to understand this next joke

Stare and you will see it