Christmas time brings abnormal stress to Cindy. We have tried many ways to solve it, but have decided that my giving her a spanking relieves it better than any other way.

We were away for a long time, and being far away, it has taken almost a week to adjust to being home.  (that is, in this time zone).

We did sign a contract a few years ago, where she agreed that everything was to be left to me, and if it was not done, then it is I to blame, not her.

In almost fifty years of marriage, everything has always been done.

This is a Mars Venus, cup half empty, cup half full scenario.

Christmas cards are sent, and if they arrive for New Years, then we can say they were New Years cards. Presents for people out of town have been chosen and sent, and if Amazon does not deliver on time, not our fault.

Sadly, although I would like to purchase locally, the horrendous postal rates, plus having to box , etc, makes Amazon so much easier.

The Christmas tree is up, and the lights and decorations will follow in a day or two.

The house is being cleaned, a room or two a day, so all is fine as far as I am concerned.

However, a spanking was needed to break the cycle of worry about so many things,, and I was happy to give it.

Propped  on the bed, Cindy lowered her pants, and crawled over my boney knees, so I had her move up onto my thighs. A slow spankng, with firm spanks and some rubbing over the panties, as i listened to her worries, then explained how much had already been accomplished.

Perspective is needed, as at time of writing, this is only Monday, and Christmas is  8 more full days away before Christmas Eve. We are retired, so lots of time for absolutely everything.

Talking, I was able to give a multitude of spanks, but only two at a time so that the burn would increase.

I then lowered Cindy's panties, and continued a slow spanking. Cindy finally relaxed, and after some soft rubbing(okay fondling)  of her bottom, I announced and now the hairbrush, and gave her six quite sharp spanks. she howled, and the spanking was done.

I think all is really well, and a short while later when talking about something else, she thanked me for her spanking.

Spankings work, but never severe for Cindy.  This was a delightful way for Santa to help solve stress!

We recommend you try this with your spouse.

Have either of you been spanked

 to relieve the stress of Christmas?

Bottoms up



Dan said...

I just can't spank my wife. I don't think she would allow it but, I just do not have it in me to do that to her or anybody else.

Anonymous said...

I love to read about Cindy's spankings. They need to happen more often. Do you ever just give her a swat? I hope she tries to even the score on your bottom soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

shouldnt there be a 'the 11 days spanking for Christmas' or something like that?

Kind regards,

Marco (from Lindsay)

Red said...

Dan: everyone is different. You are fortunate that your wife is willing and happy to spank you

anon: a pat is all I usually ever do. My turn did come, eventually

Marco: just too busy, having come home and jet lag that seemed forever.
bottoms up