Finally Spanked

A very contented man is writing this post, sitting on a sore bottom. We finally got back to spanking, and Cindy spanked me last night.

One's bottom does soften up if you have not been spanked for a while, and this was the case in our life.

Bare bottom, over Cindy's knees, the wooden bath brush had my feet dancing almost from the start. We do NOT do warm-up, so the first couple of spanks were hard, and my bottom  was shocked,  and by the third spank, my feet were moving.

The spanking lasted quite some time, as Cindy took some pauses to lecture, then continue. I realize I have developed a method to stop the feet from dancing, by crossing one  foot over the other at the ankle, which kind of steels me to the spanks. Having realized this, I will never permit myself to do it again, as Cindy should see my reactions, and steeling myself is wrong.

Then, it was the short tawse, and I was bouncing and owwing and dancing a merry tune. Once again, Cindy used it rapidly and forcefully, and then paused to lecture and catch her breath, and then a continuation.

By the time Cindy was finished, my bottom was bright red. (as I saw in the mirror, from the top to  a part of the back of the legs.)

I thanked Cindy for the spanking! This is a must, that I willingly and happily do.

Later that evening, our loving making was fabulous beyond words.

bottoms up



Glenmore said...

Great way to end the year Red!Sounds like Cindy did a Great job....it really comes out when a spanking is delayed too long!

Anonymous said...

I know full well a well spanked bottom is how my wife insures I behave.

Michael M said...

Nice pictures of the spankings. Glad you got what you needed. Hopefully you might get a bit more before New Year.

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

Those long gaps between spankings are a very mixed bag, aren't they?

Joe said...

Sounds like a wonderful spanking great having a wife that takes such good care of you.

Anonymous said...

Red, glad to hear Cindy is back to tending to your bottom and it should have more attention paid to it. I've found if spanking stops for a bit then starts again the bottom is more tender.
Talking about feet dancing Robyn found something new for us. She calls it the spanking dance. I'm in the middle of the living room naked, hands behind my head. Robyn is standing to my left side holding a paddle in her hand. she is facing my side and begins to spank me, starting off soft then getting harder and harder. first one foot dances off the floor then the next one and the faster she spanks the more my feet and jumping off the ground. she loved watching me dance as she spanked and promised me more of them. and I got a nice sore bottom.

Anonymous said...

Hairbrush in Hand a well behaved Man.

Baxter said...

May we all have red bottoms frequently in 2020.

Anonymous said...

You may "not have been spanked for a while", but for me, it's Day 6 of J & B's way to mark (again!) the "Twelve Days of Xmas" in their "traditional" way! Earlier tonight, they used the "Italian bridle" and, though I thanked them for it (as required!), my derrière is in a sorry state... What will it feel (and look) like by January 6 (12th Night) is something I'd rather not think about!

Red said...

Glenmore: So very true.
anon: myself also, but then misbehavior happens, unknowingly
Michael M: thank you and yes, that happened also
Dan: a mixed bag for certain, and very unwelcome.
archedone: a true spanking dance. thanks for sharing a fun(???) idea
anon: true
Baxter: totally agree, but will you send a link of this post and your comment to your wife? I dare you! Another question: does your wife know you visit this blog? That information might get you a number of spankings.
L: We were traveling and recovering and getting ready for Christmas, sotoo busy.

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Nice proper spanking! Sounds very much like the way I usually get it.
Otk, bare, bath brush, no warm up. And if it's been a long while, it really is shocking how much it stings. Of course it also really stings even if it hasn't been that long, but it does seem harder to take if it hasn't happened for a few months.

You are a lucky man and Cindy sounds like a good woman. I too always express my gratitude and appreciation after my wife has spanked me. The world would probably be a better place if more people understood how helpful and effective a good spanking can be when it's needed.

Anonymous said...

L. got an extra "treat" for New Year's Eve and performed (twice) "la danse du cul fouetté" - after which he duly thanked us... A firm hand spanking (by the two of us) may be enough for tonight... unless we change our minds :-)

J (& B)

Red said...

anon : true, I am a lucky man
J&B: have fun
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

J & B are certainly "having fun"... Earlier today, I was ordered to bring them some fresh switches - which they used later to flog my already sore backside... Three more days to go - but B (whose flight home is scheduled for Jan. 8) will probably want to deliver a couple of "extras" before she leaves!

Anonymous said...

B. is on her way back to France but, before she left -last night and earlier today- she took care to administer (as a "going away" memo) two sharp reminders of her "skills" - which I will again experience next Summer. The martinet (last night) and the riding crop (this morning) were masterfully applied to my already sore derrière - following the "12 Days" tradition - and L. commented that her "regular" disciplinary schedule would resume on Friday!


Anonymous said...

Yes! A strapping on Friday... and, as usual, the needed "reminders" over the weekend while L was performing (or mis-performing!) his usual weekend chores - with a special one on Sunday, when I called my sister (now back in France) to let her hear the sound of L's derrière being firmly whacked with my sturdy kitchen paddle (and that of his miserable yelping and begging!)...


Anonymous said...

L was scheduled to be spanked later tonight (as he often is, as a prelude to his weekend chores), but my friend A showed up at 5 pm (to return a book she had borrowed) and this seemed like a perfect occasion to have her watch L getting the (bare-bottom!) paddling he was due to get anyway... A was amused, but not really surprised (she has seen this before!)... and, for the same reason, L submitted willingly - and even thanked me afterward (in A's presence) :-)

ps: Needless to say, he will still be subject to any further spankings over the weekend if he doesn't perform his usual weekend chores to my satisfaction...