Cindy spanked again the next day

This is a record, and I am certain my bottom will be well warmed almost daily until company arrives.

Brief summary is I went to the garage to get the car fixed, and Cindy took a lift from a friend to a fitness class. Cindy left an hour before me, and the class was one hour. When the car, I arrived home but no Cindy, and no message on the answering machine. I tried calling her cell phone, but it was at home.

Later, I tried calling the friend, but nobody home.

One's mind worries, and I was worried. When she arrived home, having been out for coffee and chatting for over two hours. When |Cindy arrived home, she saw how worried I was, and felt very bad that she had worried me.

Long story shortened, Cindy was spanked, quite for real, with tears. Cindy will tear if she is upset, and just three hand spanking on her bare bottom had her crying. A pause, more talking, no crying, more spanks, more talking, more hand spanks. Some were to the back of the legs, which she REALLY did NOT like.

The most significant point of the spanking was that she had to agree to forgive herself, and not FRET about how she had worried me. Once the spanking is over, the topic is over, no more recriminations, no feeling bad, or you will be spanked again/. The spanking ends the problem.
Cindy agreed, so then it was twenty good spanks , two at a time, then rubbing, with the wooden hairbrush. The last ten were given rapidly to end the spanking, which had Cindy bouncing around and twisting off my lap.

A long cuddle.

The cuddle eventually moved to fantastic fucking and orgasms for both of us.

My turn must now be around the corner, and I will suggest it so we get on the normal path of Cindy spanking me, not me spanking her.

But this spanking did solve the problem, that a simple phone call would have alleviated all worry and spanking.

bottoms up



Domhnall the Second said...

Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

wow, you are really playing with fire. Enjoy sitting while you can!

Anonymous said...

Some times the women do need spanking....I wish Robyn would let me spank her.

Anonymous said...

i DO NOT THINK IT IS CINDY WHO IS GETTING THE SPANKINGS I THINK IT IS RED......I know she must be a saint to put up with him. I would love to have him over my knees next to my husband for me and Cindy to handle the four cheeks bobbling over out thighs......JUST WAIT YOU TWO TILL CINDY AND I PUT THIS TOGETHER......CHERYL

Anonymous said...

Spank that bootie, Red!

Joe said...

Yes the wife does need a spanking sometimes.

Red said...

Domhnall: You are welcome

anon; very true

archedone: ask when she is stressed. You might be able to convince her, or at the worst, give her reason to spank you.

CHERYL: that would be fun. We should try to make it happen.

anon; I did

Joe: Agreed
bottoms up