One time in life, this would mean something different to a couple.

Nowadays, being retired, with no kids at home, any time can be spanking time.

Today had a short discussion, about how I had done some cleaning, but Cindy’s reaction was how dismissive I was when she had done some exterior of the house cleaning.

I felt bad, and later stated that she should have spanked me then and there. Instead, it was decided I should be spanked now.

Cindy in the center of the bed, myself bare bottom over her knees. Forty or more spanks with the wooden hair brush, in groups of ten per cheek, alternating every ten. Possibly another twenty, then standing, bent at the waist, hands on the bed, for many whacks with my belt, doubled over for safety and added effect.

A truly red and sore bottom, and a thank you when the spanking ended.

A quicker spanking solved the problem!

Does your spanking life include quickees?
Bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Yes we have done quickies prior to going out and sometimes just before going to bed to give me a tender bottom to sleep on. I love them.

Dan said...

Occasionally I will get a quickie if we are out somewhere and a correction is needed.

Joe said...

Yes I get some quickies. Yesterday face down on the with pillows under me she went right to work fast and hard with the paddle. No warm up alternating cheeks every 3 strokes, very intense and don't know how many. Then she took a minute to rub my bottom and comment on how hot it was and without a word the tawse started. Again very fast and hard and intense. No idea how many strokes or how long but I was very sore when she stopped. Again she rubbed a little said I was even hotter handmade a move which I thought meant more was coming but she said ok you are really red and done for now. I got up slowly very sore thank her for the spanking and kissed her to which she said that was just a quick one there is more to come and smacked the pillow with cane and smiled.

Anonymous said...

"Quickees" have been occasional (whether with N. or with J.) and are applied only when time is short (e.g. when I need an "advance warning" to behave before we go out to meet some friends. Depending on my behavior, however, this "advance warning" may be followed (once we get home) by a full-fledged session with any number of "tools"... (On a few occasions, this was administered on the way back home on a roadside - at night, in most cases, but once or twice before dark... Other "quickees" (always 'on the bare') may be used as a prelude to a "full session" (at home) or as an 'ad hoc' form of discipline in semi-public locations... The point, in such cases, is to remind me that my derrière is always at her mercy and subject to a strict, "needed" attention...

Anonymous said...

You seem to forget here is another type of "quickees" (which you did experience today - and probably will again tomorrow) in the form of the "reminders" I need to apply when you fail to duly perform the household tasks you are assigned over the weekend. Three of them were delivered today... and more may be needed tomorrow (before we go out for a walk in the woods - where some sound birching may be in order :-)

Red said...

archedone; quickies are VERY EFFECTIVE.
Dan: and then you say thank you dear.
Joe: WOW< your quickies are extremely harsh. Cindy rarely does a warm-up any more, unless it is a romantic prelude spanking.
L: You are a well loved and well spanked man
J: keep having fun, and keep L's behavior in check
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

More "quickees" are probably in store for me over this long weekend as I perform (or fail to adequately perform!) my 3-days extended "weekend chores"... And, of course (weather permitting!), J will probably insist on going out for one of our "regular" hikes in the woods... with the equally regular "treat" of a sound flogging with one of those sturdy switches she always manages to find!

ps: Yes, Red, I like to think I am a "well loved" man - but I have no doubt about being a "well spanked" man!