A NEW, Real spanking ritual: spanking, make love, and then the cane

When informed i am going to be spanked, it is either immediate, or a general time frame is given. Two days ago,I was informed over breakfast that part of the plan for the day was that I was going to be spanked in the afternoon, and then we would make love.

When the time rolled around, Cindy stated it was time for you rspanking. I will first take a small feshen-up, and then spank you, after which we will make love. I will call you when I am ready.

A short while later, I was called to our bedroom. Cindy had me move the spanking chair into the middle of the room, and she sat down. I immediately went into the closet to fetch her high heel black leather shoes, as they raise her legs, so as I do not roll-off her lap. I place each one delicately on a foot, while kneeling before her, when she raises a foot. (sometimes I kiss or suck her toes before putting each shoe on her feet.

I then stand before her and ask which implements does she want me to bring to her. A long time ago, it  would be only one, but now Cindy always desires at least two, and sometimes three. She sometimes states something wooden and something leather, leaving the choice to me. I have also learned to bring significant implements, not the less effective from long ago.

Cindy stated something leather, something wooden and the cane. Yes, Dear!

I quickly retrieved the short leather tawse ( a favorite of hers), the Body Shop wooden bath brush (heavy and fierce), and the teacher's style cane that you could purchase from Ronnie's website. (I purchased a few canes from Ronnie, and they were a very worthwhile and effective purchase. I highly recommend them.)
It has been awhile since I have been spanked, and Cindy intended to make it felt. I bared my bottom, and Cindy remarked how it was a shame that your erection will disappear, but it will come back later.

Over the knee, I am asked if I am comfortable, and are my shoulders okay. I am reminded to keep breathing while I am being spanked, no holding your breath!

Cindy does not do warm-up. The tawse begins, and I quickly am moving my feet involuntarily. Many rapid hard spanks all over, followed by only the close cheek, and then the far cheek. At times I clench my feet together, unknowingly, sort of parallel to the floor, and Cindy pauses, as my feet relax, and once again lower to the floor. Then the spanking begins with even stronger spanks, or so they seem to me. The near cheek spanks from the tawse delve into the crack of my butt, and that really is effective, as are the far cheek spanks that somewhat wrap. The back of my legs were also spanked, as was the line where bottom meets back of legs.

I am certain I was owwing and moving somewhat, but at a certain point all your mind knows is the spank that just happened, followed immediately by another.

Finally Cindy paused, and asked me to hand her the bath brush that was on the floor beside my hands. A very submissive thing to have to do, knowing what it is about to do to your bottom and back of legs.

Cindy thanked me for it, and then a little lecture to give Cindy a breather, and remind me of things that have happened recently that have necessitated this spanking. In addition, how I should be more  considerate in the future. Yes Ma'am, or Yes Dear was my reply. Cindy likes both of them.

Once again Cindy started with hard spanks to the center of each bottom cheek. WOW!!!!!!! (with an equal  OWWWWW! and feet dancing. Many slow hard spanks were given, and some to where bottom meets legs.

Cindy finally slowed,  and then stated I could get up. I thanked her, and asked where she wanted me for the cane. She seemed rather turned on, and stated,  no, I think we should cuddle and make love now.

I stated you could always cane me after making love, and she just smiled. I have stated this a few times over the past few years, but we were both too exhausted after making love.

The love making was cuddling, kissing, fondling, licking, nibbling (Cindy has come to enjoy nibbling my nipples) and oral. We both had really mind blowing shouting orgasms. At our age, it is simply AMAZING! Knowing how to please your partner is so much better than the original fumbling efforts when we were first married.

Hugging together, Cindy eventually stated I guess I should cane you now! YIKES! ( meekly yes dear)

I thought it would be only three or four gentle love taps, but I was rather shocked with what happened. Two pillows  at the end of the bed, my legs spread one on each side of the corner, followed by MANY hard strokes. My feet danced, and I squirmed repeatedly. After six, because at this point I was counting, I thought " that is certainly enough". Cindy, however,  has never heard or understood six of the best. Many cane strokes should be given, and the y should be effective. she has stopped being timid with the cane, which has both it's good points and it's fearsome points.

After numerous strokes, and my feet dancing and clenching the feet interlocked, Cindy said 8. I almost wanted to correct her to say that was many more than eight, when a strong stroke landed, and she stated SEVEN. At six with another stroke before it, I understood that she was counting down the last number of strokes. Finally we reached one, and the caning was done. WOW and YIKES.

My bottom was on fire, but I thanked her for the spanking, and for the fun we had making love.

She was quite delighted, having spanked me thoroughly, and  wonderful orgasms for both.

Cindy is certainly comfortable giving me one REAL spanking, and this may be a new TWIST on the spanking, with significant before, and equally significant afterwards.


Have you ever had a similar experience?
bottoms up
 Think about this!

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Dan said...

I can't say I ever experienced anything like that spanking before but it sounded fun, at least the lovemaking sounded fun.

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

First, I must not have had enough coffee when I began looking at that car hood picture. Or, I'm just not that visually oriented. It took me quite some time to work it out in my head. But, once I did, wow!

Our more recent spankings are pretty similar to what you describe. Like Cindy, Anne doesn't do warm-ups. Each spanking begins and ends hard. She almost always uses multiple instruments, usually some mix of leather straps, wooden paddles, and very frequently the bath brush. She does use canes, but not often. It definitely is not a preferred tool for her, and she struggles to use it effectively. We don't have a tawse, though I've thought about getting one. But, last year we acquired a DWC-branded short leather "paddle," that works much as you describe. Unlike her longer straps that cover both cheeks, the end of this short one has a way of finding the sensitive parts between the cheeks, which can be extremely painful.

Anonymous said...

I can't recall getting a spanking like Cindy just gave you. Robyn likes to rub and pat my bottom with her hand before spanking, then i get teasing spanks where she just taps my bottom with the implement, then the real spanking starts. I've had the fast spanks but Robyn likes to give a hard spank then let me feel the full sting of the spank before the next spank.

Anonymous said...

I have received whipping and very good.
But what I really like now is to take over and spank the spankee, always of course, by mutual agreement, that is to say by consensus.

Very interesting your blog.
I follow you from my personal blog

Anonymous said...

What you describe, Red, sounds very much like the way N. and J. "operate"... The choice of instruments (which I must retrieve and present to her), the requirement to present my derrière for whatever she has in store, the position I must assume, the way I am expected to thank her - and, yes, the subsequent lovemaking - are all vey familiar to my own (and long!) experience... The "sessions" are administered two or three times a week (sometimes more often when we are travelling, or when J's sister is around), but -unlike you, it seems- I have also been (often enough!) spanked or whipped under the eyes -and some times by!- one of their friends...

Yorkie69 said...

Nope, I have not had a spanking after sex. In the throes of passion before, during, after the spanking and while making love I have wanted it so bad but after sex, neither of us could be bothered. Maybe one day.


Red said...

Dan: The love making was fun, the cane afterwards not as much.

Dan A disciplined husband: thanks for your description of your spankings. I posted this Jan 29

archedone: I am certain Robyn is very effective, while being playful.

raphael: thanks for sharing

L: keep having fun

Yorkie: just a change of pace, after all of these spanking years.

bottoms up