asking to be spanked

We go through stages, where I am spanked frequently, and then a drought. Thus, I asked for a spanking, and Cindy was more than happy to oblige.

It had almost been two weeks without spanking, and that is now too long for us.

Something wooden, and something leather, had me retrieving the short tawse, and the wooden bath brush.

Cindy was seated in the middle of the bed, with pillows behind her back, at the headboard, and I was naked over her thighs. I took off my tee-shirt, and Cindy questioned why? I simply replied that being absolutely naked makes me more compliant.

The tawse did it's magic, and my feet were dancing. It also visited the back of my legs, and wrapped beyond the far cheek as one would expect.

Cindy lectured about my weight, and that when on vacation you will have appositive attitude,  when we visit aboriginal show(s). I sometimes find them hokey, when you see the performers on the side of the stage on cell phones, or smoking, etc.

Tours from the cruise ship are ridiculously priced, so we will find some on our own when we are staying at airbnbs.

Next came the bath brush, and it was really effective, on my bottom and the back of the legs.

My bottom is quite on fire while I write this, as Cindy is making dinner. I helped with the preparation, but now would be more in the way than of any helpfulness I could give.

If you go too long without being spanked, you should ask for a spanking!

I did, and all is well in our little world.

bottoms up



Joe said...

I find myself asking for a spanking after a week without one and my wife is usually happy to oblige.

Dan said...

I never have to ask for a spanking. I seem to earn one without having to ask.

Baxter said...

I have asked for spankings. The first time was a challenge, but my wife has no problems with it. We have a great 36 year marriage and we do a lot for each other.

Anonymous said...

I never have/had to "ask" for a spanking: L and J make sure my derrière gets soundly whacked and/or lashed at least once a week (and, usually, more often!) and my only choice is to "get ready" for whatever they think I "need" or deserve.

Anonymous said...

L: You know you get spanked (or whipped, etc) not when you "want it" - if you ever do! - but when you need or deserve it, and it's my privilege to decide "when" and "how"... Of course, you know (or can guess) when this is likely to happen -at least most times- and you are (usually) ready to present your derrière for the "appropriate" treatment... which almost always results in tearful yelps, twisting and "dancing", as well as in a tearful voicing of the thanks I expect before you are consigned to a spell of "corner time"...

Red said...

Joe; always a good idea, as it calms the stress inside

Dan: glad to know you have to be considerate in what you do and consequences exist when you screw up.

Baxter: thanks for sharing, and I believe spankings help a marriage.

L: as it should be

J: a perfect marriage
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Red: Thanks for your praise of our "perfect marriage"! N. (L's late wife) deserves most of the credit for having taught him the benefits of having his derrière blistered as often as required. When I got to know them better, I realized that L. agreed that regular (and frequent) spankings or whippings were not only "needed" but also deeply satisfying - in the sense that they made for a happier marriage. And this has also been our own experience...

I can only agree with J's comment -and not because I am afraid of what might happen if I didn't :-)... If I wasn't paddled, whipped or birched two or three times a week, I would probably feel "neglected" (but that hasn't happened yet). And, yes, I want (and also "enjoy" as well) J's unflinching discipline (and the way my backside remains sore between one "session" and the unavoidable next one!

Anonymous said...

After reading my comment, L. decided that "immediate" (and unscheduled) "action" was called for, even though no specific breach of household rules called for it... and even though my usual "weekend chores" await me - along with its inevitable "consequences"... not to mention the prospect that, with this balmy weather, a "trip in the woods" (and the usual outdoors whippings) are highly likely...