Being Cared FOR

Thought for today
Here is an example of a caring husband and wife
He is giving her a hand to help solve a problem
and sometimes
you have to take a strong position to make certain he gets all the caring he needs, whether he wants it or not
The cuddle afterwards is always a good thing

Have you been CARED FOR recently?

bottoms up



humor about weight

Well, my weight loss is a bit better, hovering near 180 in the morning before breakfast.
Here are some tips I have used to help lose a few pounds
Diets are always successful, but they do NOT LAST
and realize:

Do not let weight get you down, you can always
 and limiting what you want to eat can work

bottoms up
and try a REAL spanking every time you get the munchies...



another look at threesomes

Some men have the fantasy of being spanked by two women at once.

However, this first photo would give you reasons to regret your desire
The ladies might enjoy combining to bare your bottom
and first use
 their hands
and even OTK
before then progressing to two paddles (are always better than one)
and, before finishing, they might like an individual turn with a belt to be able to strap your whole bottom (one can just imagine the second lady telling you how stronger she is going to spank you when it is her turn.
However, maybe your idea is only for a  play spanking

Your opinion?

Would you like to be spanked by two ladies at the same time?
Has this ever happened to you?

bottoms up



A solution method

A simple solution to most problems

and she is ready
bottoms up



Baring fun

A woman should be happy when baring a man so as to spank him!
 The woman should enjoy the view, specially if it is the first time she is about to spank him
One has to wonder if he is excited to be spanked, or scared (stiff) 
commentary of what she finds should be fun
will she then be looking him in the eye
or still at his cock
 A limp cock means he has been spanked so often he no longer finds it erotic
How do you respond when about to be spanked?
At ease
 or at attention
 In addition, what goes through your mind
 while you submissively allow your underwear
 to be lowered

and are you thankful for what you are about to receive?
your thoughts would be appreciated.

Originally, I would always become erect when told I would be spanked?

Now, sometimes yes, and sometimes no, but I love the thought and the spanking!

bottoms up