Stress relief

Our greatest difficulty is stress, where we let it overwhelm us while making a decision (specially involving spending money for home repairs or a vacation). 

However, I have zero worry or stress, and feel wonderful, giving money to our children. 

They keep saying spend it on yourself!!! So I find unique ways of giving them more. 

We are very comfortable, having spent a lifetime saving and paying off the mortgage, and driving safe but older cars, taking inside cabins on cruises, finding specials online and using them as part of our vacations. We no longer have the cost of university for the children, and really are quite comfortable.

We have regular guaranteed pensions, that we paid a lot for while working. The house is paid off. No charge bills that we do not always pay before they are due.

We live modestly, except we vacation a lot, living modestly as we travel. Airbnb, trivago for hotels, having a large lunch in Europe, which is always so much cheaper, so a minimal dinner.

How I react to stress is that I get shortness of breath. Not severe, but regular throughout the day.

Spankings help solve my stress, putting everything in perspective.

I had one day like this, and on the next day asked Cindy for another spanking, which have been occurring often.

We felt the cane would be most effective, so I was bare bottom up, over two large pillows, for the teacher's type cane from Ronnie via Jack's Canes.

Practice first, as Cindy is mild when using the cane, so I requested she use the pillow to spank first, and get use to giving a harder stroke. She agreed, and practiced some good whops, gaining control to have them land where she wanted.

My turn was next, and a quite long, medium strength caning ensued, with coverage to quite high up on my bottom, all the way to the top of my legs beyond the crease..

A little lecture that we have to be nicer to our self. We need to permit ourselves to spend on ourselves, without stressing forever. Also remember, that we have no bucket list, so we do not have to plan excessively to see most sites where we are going. This vacation is a considerable distance from home, nor where near North America.
(Not my bottom, but coverage was quite similar)

The spanking was ended, and I thanked Cindy for the spanking. We cuddled, and later that day made passionate love, with orgasms that are INCREDIBLE.


At least for us, spanking is a blessing in our marriage. 


bottoms up



Joe said...

A spanking relieves my stress and I always fell more relaxed after a spanking and always thank my wife for taking such good care of me. She says no need to thank her but I always will.

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

I'm disappointed to hear you are pensioner retirees and, yet, have big stress issues. There goes another optimistic delusion about my stress-free future down the drain. :-)

Dan said...

Spankings have really helped our marriage. I never really felt stressed but the spankings have changed my behavior and made our marriage strong and more loving.

Anonymous said...

Red, you appear to have become more inclined toward use of the cane lately. Considering you have experienced virtually every type of implement imaginable, I’m curious to hear what appeals to you about caning. Just the thought of the sound and sensation of the paddle, hairbrush, strap or hand excites me very much. But I find nothing titillating or intriguing about the cane, and thus am not a fan of British school discipline stories. I just see it as draconian judicial punishment used in places like Singapore. But you seem to have a different perspective on it, so I’m interested in your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

An interesting comment from Styxman. There seems to be a wide range of severity among couples who use domestic discipline. At one extreme I read a post on another blog from a husband who said his wife only uses her bare hand when she spanks him. This seems too mild to me. At the other extreme there is caning, which is too harsh for me. Personally I think spanking is best done with a flat implement such as a hairbrush or paddle and that it should be hard enough to sting sharply and perhaps to leave bruises.

Red said...

Joe: we are very similar, but Cindy insists I thank her, which I genuinely do. If not, it is back over the knee for much more, or the end of our spanking life for a considerable time.

Dan: Stress is something we bring upon ourselves, and we do try to avoid it. However, stress also keeps you alert and alive, so not something to be totally without. When retired, our stress is mostly under our control, whereas when working, it can be caused by employers, traffic, or many other features. These disappear when retired.

Dan: exactly the same.. changed behavior, even more love than before.

Styxman: Cindy does not use the cane brutally, nor any spanking implement brutally. Never any bruises, and no real welts even, and never any blood.
Thus, it is a controlled implement, which gets to the point of a spanking quickly and effectively, without taking up much time if we need to be somewhere soon, or simply get on with our day.

Barry: every couple is different, but pay websites attract with pictures that their audience want to see. I do NOT post all of my small spankings, and many are quick and done with the wooden soup stirrer in the kitchen.
My hand is still effective n Cindy's bottom, but no ones hand is really effective on my bottom.

bottoms up