Anniversary spanking

One part of our celebration was Cindy's idea, and it involved me being spanked.

We were going to be visiting with friends on the day of our anniversary, so just enough time to give me a spanking as an anniversary present. This photo is a delight, because Cindy was smiling just like this!

Wish we had started this on the day we were married, or even before we were married.

However, always remember that the past is PAST, so enjoy the present, as the FUTURE is guaranteed to no one.

Bare bottom, over their legs while she was sitting in the middle of the bed, using the wooden bath brush.

One spank for each year, so their were more than 45 spanks, but less than fifty. (No need for anyone who does not know us to know the actual number of years or date)

Almost each was a very effective spank, and my feet were moving, and rising up by my knees involuntarily bending.
Cindy was delighted with her idea, and the spanking she gave. I was equally delighted.
A look in the mirror (I believe everyone does), showed a grey area in the middle of each cheek, surrounded by red. The sign of a significant and very effective spanking. The drive was fine, sitting on the car seat which is fortunately cushioned. My bottom was sore for another day afterwards.

This is just one way to celebrate your anniversary.

Do you celebrate your anniversary in a similar manner?

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Joe said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Cindy with many more to come. Yes a great anniversary tradition we recently started as well and really enjoy. The French one really made me laugh.

Quentin QBuzz said...

That first photo is indeed a delight... she looks like a gal who enjoys wielding the brush!

Loki_Darksong said...

Happy Anniversary!

My wife and I just celebrated our 10th anniversary. And this is a good reminder what I will be doing later this evening!

Dan said...

Happy anniversary and yes we do spankings on special occasions. I get spanked on our anniversary, my birthday and my wife's birthday.

Baxter said...

Happy anniversary. Great to see others staying together for many decades, R and I are coming to 36 years later this year. I am pretty sure we do spankings - well, R spanks me - on our anniversary and I, like you, wished the spankings started early on. We do birthday spankings and I get mine and hers, mine this year was 63, hers 62 - nice sore bottom.


Red said...

Joe: Thank you, and maybe it is time to start celebrating half anniversaries also. Colis de tabernac.

Qbuzz: I just love happy spanker photos

Lori; thank you. Maybe you should roll one die, or two dice and use that number to be multiplied by the number of years married, to determine the amount of spanks. (I try to always be helpful)

Dan: thank you, and we do similar activities.

Baxter: thank you. Both of our birthday numbers are even larger than yours.

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Yorkie69 said...

Happy Anniversary mate! I always get an anniversary spanking. Wouldn't be the same without one. ;)


Red said...

Yorkie: Glad to hear your wife is happy to spank you as an anniversary present
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