One Benefit of Spanking - Reducing Cindy's Anxiety

Cindy has a problem with anxiety, and sometimes I inadvertently add to that anxiety.

Today, I left a note that I had gone to the gym at 3:15, but forgot to mention I would stop at Walmart on the way home.  I returned about 5:45, and Cindy was unhappy because she was worried something had happened. I had not felt good for a day, so her anxiety was raised.

At Walmart ,I bought smoke detectors, contact lens solution, suntan lotions, hair dye, band aides, mixed peppers, so it took a while, plus had to deviate on route due to construction. Thus, I was quite quick all considered.

However, I should have called, but I do NOT own a cell phone.

Result, we were going out for dinner, but Cindy decided I should be spanked to remember to leave a more detailed note next time. Not to get sweaty, and to be quick and effective, the cane was chosen.

Typing this after dinner, I am still feeling the WARMTH of the cane.

Bare bottom, on top of two pillows, on the bed, the cane was applied for quite some time, not harshly, but firmly, and often.
Like in the photo, I actually had my socks and shoes on, and had simply stepped out of my shorts and underwear. Cindy thought it was quite an amusing sight.
The result is I will leave better messages, and Cindy will experience less anxiety.

Spankings are beneficial to lessen anxiety.

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

My wife is following all that your wife does Red and her spankings are getting harder to take but she told me take it all or get none.


Anonymous said...

A cane well applied. I would call that a reminder spanking. Remember to be more thoughtful of Cindy so she does not worry.

Glenmore said...

You need to buy a cell phone Red!
Way better than leaving notes and Cindy can text you to inform you that you will be spanked!

Joe said...

A cell phone would be great to by have and keep in touch but would stop the fun of a good spanking.

Red said...

George: better to be spanked hard, than not be spanked at all. Remember, my spankings may sound fiercer in writing than they actually are. Wish you were willing for us to meet as two couples.

archedone: very true

Glenmore: that would be a delightful message, but I would probably lose the cell phone within a day or tow.

Joe: true

bottoms up