Cindy is adapting to using the cane, more comfortably (and frequently) than ever before.

We were going out for dinner and a play with friends, and I had not been spanked for a while, so a quick " behave yourself and relax tonight" spanking was decided by her.

As it has been very hot and humid, Cindy did not want to do a long spanking, so the teacher's cane was retrieved, and I was bare bottomed over the edge of the corner of the bed, with two pillows raising my bottom.

Short, rapid strokes had my feet starting to rise, involuntarily, such that my foot was in the way for one stroke. Cindy was surprised, and asked " why are your feet raised?'

My only reply was "sorry dear", as the pause permitted me to lower them, and consciously make certain they did not rise too far again.

A few stronger, extra strokes to finish, and the caning was over.

A somewhat red, and definitely sore bottom was the result of the caning. I thanked Cindy, and we had a wonderful evening.  (My bottom is not this desirable nor voluptuous, but it is a great gif)

A thought for today

I have had one on the spot spanking in the kitchen, with many sharp spanks with the soup stirrer, which has me dancing in place.

I still have lot of pictures, and am deleting  many of them, as I slowly most less frequently.

I do not report n all of our spanking adventures, as even i would not know what to say if i read it on someone else's blog.

bottoms up



Joe said...

My wife has also learned that the cane is a good way to deliver a fast efficient spanking with a minimum of effort.

Anonymous said...

We don't have a cane, but if Robyn desires welts on my bottom she will use the rod from our window blind or the leather whip i made for her to use on me. Both are quite effective. I bet you did behave with a tender bottom.

juliesp said...

An evil cane is soooo effective. Minimal energy expenditure, maximal effect! Skill rewarded.
I like the “corner of the bed” position. Gets those legs and butt cheeks properly spread open for maximum effect (and embarrassment?)

Red said...

Joe: always good for a wife to have many options available.

archedone: A rod would be just as good, plus any gardening bamboo stick will do wonders to anyone's bottom

Juliesp: we had an evil cane many years ago, and sadly discarded it. Now we have good, but not evil canes. Many times I am in the position you describe, as it opens the cheeks for more access between.
bottoms up