caned again

Well, we are in that cycle of short but effective small spankings.

The day after the previous caning, we were to go to a party with friends. Thus, a reminder was in order to make certain the event was successful.

Bare bottom, over pillows, at the corner of the bed, which thus opens the legs and bottom more.

Cindy does not cane HARD, but each is really felt, and my feet rise up at the knees after five or so strokes.

Do not drink too much, followed by a number of quick sharp strokes .

Listen more, talk less. Many strokes to drive this one home.

Remember to drink water at least as often as you have a beer or wine.

A few more strokes, then told to stand up.

We had discussed after the last caning, that Cindy claims I have no meat on my bottom, Thus, I had suggested that she require me to stand up, and then apply some strokes higher up. She remembered the discussion from yesterday, and very effectively gave some sharp strokes that was on virgin cane area.
The strokes did not go to the top of my bottom, but did redden an area significantly.  A bit further up than this gorgeous woman

I thanked Cindy for the spanking when she said she was finished. My bottom was sore, and I could feel it throughout  the party.

This is being written three days later, but yesterday had a short sharp session with the wooden food stirrer in the kitchen when it was decided by Cindy that I had done something wrong in the kitchen. I thanked her when she was finished.

Later yesterday, we had wonderful, amazing, marvelous sex together.


bottoms up



Anonymous said...

My girlfriend has only caned me once: four on the seat of my underpants, using a cane that another woman had lent her. I found that it really hurt! I don't doubt that it is a most effective way for a woman to discipline a misbehaving husband or boyfriend.

NoraJean said...

Happy to hear Cindy is staying 'on top' of things, Red! :>) ... nj

Anonymous said...

It appears Cindy is getting quite good at using the cane and it has become her implement of choice when spanking you. Does she leave welts when using it?
Robyn's favorite is the belt or strop.

Red said...

anon: Cindy goes softly, but is learning to cane stronger/

NoraJean: definitely on top

archedone: for a short quick spanking, it is her go to. For longer spanking, then it is one of a few tools. No welts.

bottoms up