caned again

Well, we are in that cycle of short but effective small spankings.

The day after the previous caning, we were to go to a party with friends. Thus, a reminder was in order to make certain the event was successful.

Bare bottom, over pillows, at the corner of the bed, which thus opens the legs and bottom more.

Cindy does not cane HARD, but each is really felt, and my feet rise up at the knees after five or so strokes.

Do not drink too much, followed by a number of quick sharp strokes .

Listen more, talk less. Many strokes to drive this one home.

Remember to drink water at least as often as you have a beer or wine.

A few more strokes, then told to stand up.

We had discussed after the last caning, that Cindy claims I have no meat on my bottom, Thus, I had suggested that she require me to stand up, and then apply some strokes higher up. She remembered the discussion from yesterday, and very effectively gave some sharp strokes that was on virgin cane area.
The strokes did not go to the top of my bottom, but did redden an area significantly.  A bit further up than this gorgeous woman

I thanked Cindy for the spanking when she said she was finished. My bottom was sore, and I could feel it throughout  the party.

This is being written three days later, but yesterday had a short sharp session with the wooden food stirrer in the kitchen when it was decided by Cindy that I had done something wrong in the kitchen. I thanked her when she was finished.

Later yesterday, we had wonderful, amazing, marvelous sex together.


bottoms up



Do you dream of your MIL knowing you are spanked, and even spanking you?

This is a topic that frequently comes up in spanking art, and captioned photos, and even in spanking scenes enacted for various websites.

The dream might be being spanked in front of the Mother-In-Law
Your spanking in a photo with MIL watching
 You might be spanked and have your wife talk to your MIL while awaiting more spanks.
and your wife might get an extra treat when learning how to spank you: 

by witnessing your mother spank your father

Just to show how a well spanked man immediately bares his bottom when told, 

something you never expected.

nor did he expect to be spanked in front of  his daughter
(who is pleasantly amused)

Maybe your MIL will next spank you,

 showing her daughter how to be effective,

and your wife whispering in your ear that she will be spanking you whenever needed.

It might even be a hands on demonstration, where you are over both laps at the same time, and MIL spanks to demonstrate, then lets her daughter practice to get the same yelps from you as your MIL did,. have a turn

and soon, your wife will be happy to spank you whenever she sees it is needed

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dancing after being spanked

Have you ever grabbed your bottom after being spanked,
while being spanked?
Are you permitted to even touch your bottom immediately after being spanked?
and have you ever done a spanking dance?
Cute bottoms are always nice to see
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One Benefit of Spanking - Reducing Cindy's Anxiety

Cindy has a problem with anxiety, and sometimes I inadvertently add to that anxiety.

Today, I left a note that I had gone to the gym at 3:15, but forgot to mention I would stop at Walmart on the way home.  I returned about 5:45, and Cindy was unhappy because she was worried something had happened. I had not felt good for a day, so her anxiety was raised.

At Walmart ,I bought smoke detectors, contact lens solution, suntan lotions, hair dye, band aides, mixed peppers, so it took a while, plus had to deviate on route due to construction. Thus, I was quite quick all considered.

However, I should have called, but I do NOT own a cell phone.

Result, we were going out for dinner, but Cindy decided I should be spanked to remember to leave a more detailed note next time. Not to get sweaty, and to be quick and effective, the cane was chosen.

Typing this after dinner, I am still feeling the WARMTH of the cane.

Bare bottom, on top of two pillows, on the bed, the cane was applied for quite some time, not harshly, but firmly, and often.
Like in the photo, I actually had my socks and shoes on, and had simply stepped out of my shorts and underwear. Cindy thought it was quite an amusing sight.
The result is I will leave better messages, and Cindy will experience less anxiety.

Spankings are beneficial to lessen anxiety.

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waiting in position to be spanked

A delightful little collection of 
happy women waiting for you to spank them
 but also showing a bit of worry
to only glancing backwards with one eye to see the implement you will start with
 to completely looking to see what fate has in store
you know the spanking cannot be avoided
 so best to bend forward and await the spanking
maybe even holding the belt that will spank your bottom

This woman is expecting those inner cheeks to be spanked also
While this woman seems to be longing for thecaress of oyur hand and then other implements
Hope you enjoyed the views.
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The benefits of being spanked

The Benefits Of Being Spanked

Many people believe that if someone likes to get spanked, it is all sexual. That is not the case all the time. Even though getting spanked has some sexual effects or enhances sexual arousal, there are many non-sexual benefits from getting spanked. 

What can spankings do for you?
1. Getting spanked relieves stress.
You might be a person who worries when you do something your partner does not like. The spanking solves this problem, because the problem however stressful and painful, solves and dismisses the problem.

2. Getting spanked is calming. 
While being spanked, you may thrash about and owwing and verbalizing, but this releasing the emotion will eventually be calming in and of itself.

3. Getting spanked generates endorphins and puts you in a euphoric state. 
It is somewhat  an out of body experience, in that you are focused only on the spanking and the smarting hurting spanks, and nothing else. The endorphins rise to help combat the experience, and thus actually enhance the experience.

4. Getting spanked generates adrenaline and gives an adrenaline rush, especially if you are anticipating getting a very harsh one.
Put another way, you are worried, and the worry causes the adrenaline rush 
Besides real physical threats, other situations that cause stress and anxiety can also cause an adrenaline rush

Your partner being happy, and delightfully patting her knee for you to present your bottom to be spanked, is a reason many men are erect before being spanked
5. Getting spanked lifts moods. Russian psychiatrists have found success in treating depression with bare butt whippings. 
I do not recommend whippings, but any spanking changes the mood of the two people involved. The spanker has had an active energetic way of addressing a problem, and thus is in a happier mood. The spankee now knows the problem has been addressed to the spanker's satisfaction, thus they are no longer worrying, and have a clean slate at least for a few minutes.

6. The marks left from getting spanked is like an art of its own.
The spanker can admire their efforts being displayed by your red bottom. The spankee can admire what a strong effort was made to make these marks, out of love.

7. For some, it can restore feelings of youth. 
Many of my readers can not be described as youthful, but we have a avid love relationship with our spouse, and a very fantastic sex life with our partner.

Don’t be ashamed of getting spanked, enjoy it!

For those who never tried it in your adult years, give it a try. You never know, you may like it. 

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Rolling up the sleeves

Some photos, show a woman who means to give a good spanking.
The above might be the reason why
It makes your mind wander back to earlier times, when rolling up your sleeves to get the job done was a common thought
It is impressive when you are waiting to be spanked, and are learning the determination of the spanker to really give a strong spanking.
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