The next day spanking

The next day, Cindy thought that the previous evening had gone so well, that their was no reason to spank me.

This is the dilemma everyone has, and in writing privately with Danielle, she reminded me, and I quote:

"Most spankees would like to be spanked more often. Even so it is the spanker's decision. Do not forget that!"

I asked Cindy to spank me, but in reality I was quite relaxed, and was still SIGNIFICANTLY feeling the spanking from the day before.

Cindy acquiesced, but it was a few not very significant cane strokes with me prone over pillows on the bed.
(wish my body looked like this)
I thanked her.

Have you had the experience, and learned from it, that although you would want to be spanked, none is given!

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

I don't know if you know how lucky you are to have met Danielle and were open enough to discuss spanking and for Cindy to allow Danielle to spank you. You also have someone you know that you can discuss spanking with. I wish i had someone like her to talk to. Her words are very true. Most spankee's would love more spanking but it is up to the spanker if you get it or not. I would love to get three spankings a day for a week or so and would love to go to bed with a sore bottom.

Quentin QBuzz said...

My girlfriend would love a studded leather sofa like that - and a naked stud to cane across it :D

Joe said...

You are so right I want to be spanked much more then T is willing to give. Sometimes it is like Chinese food a half hour later I want more. You very lucky to have Cindy who not only has learned to give significant spankings but also allows another woman to spank you.

Red said...

archedone: I originally started talking with Danielle back in my spankedhubby.blogspot.com many years ago. Her husband had wanted to spank her sometimes, and then in looking around, she found my blog where a man was the spankee, NOT the spanker. she is a very strong woman, and asserted herself, with her husband happily agreeing. She had a blog about life on another format, and we shared each others adventures. They became strongly into the spanking scene. They are a wonderful couple, and she is amazing.
I am very lucky to have Cindy, and I know it.

qbuzz: most women would

Joe: Indeed, I am so very fortunate.
bottoms up