Spanked for my drinking

Occasionally, I drink excessively. Cindy has noted that when we are with a certain couple, a bottle of wine is ordered, and the man and I share the bottle. I am fine, but then the other gentleman orders a extra glass, and I cheerily do the same. Then we both shared a glass.

When we got home, I was thoroughly relaxed, and watched game six of the NBA finals, were Toronto beat  Golden State Warriors to win the championship.  I had a glass of whiskey, while watching, then we went to the bar to watch some of the celebrations. Quieter when we got there, but I had a pint of beer.

Guess that was way too much alcohol for one evening. I was fine, but really really silly.

The next day, Cindy informed me that I was to be spanked, for reasons of my health. Get something leather and a  cane.

I retrieved the long leather tawse, and the teacher's style cane.

Pillows on the bed, and my bare bottom raised by the pillows, Cindy started with the leather tawse.
You cannot drink like you did last night! I want you to stay healthy, and drinking like that is NOT healthy. Many strokes of the tawse.

Your health is the utmost importance to me.
More strokes.

Two glasses of wine should be enough for one evening. What do you think? Yes, Dear.

The spanks were significant, and then Cindy switched to the cane.

Many short strokes, sort of whippy, some to just the closest cheek, and some across my entire bottom.

What are we going to do about this?
My response was that we should go back to my being spanked before we go out to a party or with these friends, so I know to behave myself.

I was permitted to rise, and immediately thanked Cindy for the spanking, and also apologized for my drinking.

My bottom was a dark red when I looked in the mirror.

bottoms up



Glenmore said...

As long as you're not drinking that much regularly it should be ok. I'm surprised Cindy doesn't give you a warning before you went that far.
I've been in that situation with friends but ,when he offers more drinks , my wife will give me that 'look' and ask "Are you sure?"
I know what she means and respectably decline the offer!

Anonymous said...

I think that any seasoned drinker says that there isn't a spanking that booz cannot heal!

Kind regards,

Marco (from Lindsay)

Tomy Nash said...

Hmmm. I don't drink much at all. But this puts me in the mood. I'm getting the tequila out.

Anonymous said...

I agree with glemmoretales she could give you a little warning to back off. but then a spanking prior to going out as a reminder is always nice.

Red said...

Glen: good idea of are you sure. I will mention it for future occasions.

Marco; but the spanking was the day after the drinking. The booze no longer was present.

Tomy: hope you enjoyed a touch of tequila.

archedone: the spanking before would definitely cure the excess drinking.

bottoms up