Spanked by a friend : DANIELLE

We had many adventures while away, and a number of mistakes also.

Visiting Danielle and John was the highlight of the vacation, not because I was spanked, but because they are such wonderful people to be with.
As time goes by, the company of family and friends is wonderful to do whenever possible.


We had arrived the previous day, and spent a wonderful day wandering the seashore, and having delicious meals.

The next morning, I put on my "I have been a bad monkey, please spank me" teeshirt, and it got quite a laugh from Danielle We had a delightful day, but later that evening, Danielle said to me :" I am Ready"! No discussion had been had about her spanking me, whatsoever during the visit.

I joked and continued the conversation, and a little while later she said: Red (used my real name), you know I am ready, and then as the saying goes the shoe dropped.

"You should go upstairs and stand in the corner of the bedroom and wait for us to join you. " Sternly stated, no mistaking what was to happen.

Arriving in the bedroom, i saw that two heavy pillows were at the foot of the bed, arranged for someone to be draped over, with their bottom significantly raised. Obviously, that someone was ME! Also, a number of implements were beside the pillows. YIKES!

As I remember the spanking, I was truly dominated and submissive, being told what to do and when: Somehow, it never entered my brain of the reality of being submissive and being spanked by a friend

stand in the corner, wait, 
One does get time to reflect and wonder how life has revolved that I am standing in a corner waiting to be spanked!!

When Danielle, John, and Cindy entered, they chatted a little, while I stared at the wall corner.

Then I was instructed to come to the bed, and to bare your bottom,  but keep the pants around my ankles. (I have no idea if I had an erection or not, but I think not... (this would be the position, but one less pillow
I commented that there was quite a selection of spanking implements in a box, and was instructed to pick one. I picked one, but remarked there seem to be a lot already out waiting. I choose a wooden (but an exceptionally hard wood) hair brush, that has probably never been used for brushing hair.
Bend over the pillows

and then the spanking began

First via Danielle's hand, which is hard as a rock, and a tenderizing of my bottom began. One cheek to the other, my bottom was being well spanked, but this was only the beginning.

I do not remember much of the spanking, except that a number of implements were used, and I was in a missionary position with my forearms and hands  clasped in front of my body and head.
and an immensely serious spanking which brought a few tears to each  eye. 
I think Danielle used a hand on my back at times to keep me in place, but the whole spanking is a blur of hard spanks and absorbing it into my mind as well as my body. 
Every spank was delivered with force, and I must mention that Cindy has now developed this same technique. Why spank lightly!

Danielle used a soft leather belt, that really stung when spanking the top of my legs below my bottom, and the top of my bottom. I am certain at times my feet were dancing, and I remember by bottom and legs  jerking to one side and really reacting to a stroke.

A wooden bath brush, or something similar really spanked the fat part of my bottom, and each was given with gusto. 

I do not think a carpet beater was used. This might have been the view Cindy had, but where Cindy and John were is lost to my mind.
I do know that at times my feet jerked, but somehow I did NOT react openly like I do when  Cindy spanks me. I do not think I was owwing, but then again, I might have been putting on quite an entertaining performance.   I have humbly apologized for being stoic (if I was stoic) to Danielle in an email, and, if she ever reads this, I apologize once again. I will never put my arms the way I did, as it sort of steeled me, as opposed to being open, relaxed, and feeling every spank to the absolute fullest..

A pause was given between each implement, where Ii stayed in place. I am uncertain if I was sent to the corner during the spanking, and then returned to the bed for the continuation.

One strong cane stroke was given (WOW!!) and then the spanking ended. I was truly very SAFELY, but STRONGLY spanked, and my bottom and below was on fire.

Danielle stated she was stopping as the skin might possibly open from the cane, and she (and everyone) did NOT want that to happen.

I was permitted to rise, was given a cuddle and comforting words,  and permitted to go and look in the mirror.

I thanked Danielle for the spanking. I remember now that I did not cover my genitals (extremely flaccid), and hobbled over to the mirror, as my pants and underwear were still around my ankles. I was truly a very well spanked and humbled man.

The view in the mirror was my bright red spanked bottom and bright red top of the legs, and one fierce line across the top of my bottom where the cane stroke had landed.

Things LEARNED from this spanking:

  •  Cindy has learned to spank harder, and make every spank effective. 
  • I have been spanked since the above spanking by Cindy, and it was very effective.
  • I know that I must never place my body in any way to steel myself again.
  • I also know that steeling myself did not prevent the spanking from being effective and getting to me (the first time I have ever had a few tears in my eyes),  but that it probably took more effort and longer for Danielle to accomplish her task,  and for this I again apologize.
  • Possibly, I am imagining how I reacted to how I actually occurred inaccurately
  • Never wear that tee-shirt saying please spank me whenever we visit Danielle and John.

Best to behave beautifully the entire vacation.

Thank you Danielle and John for being such wonderful hosts.

bottoms up



Tomy Nash said...

Really happy for you. I look back on those parts of my life and know how unique and special it was to have friends like that.

Anonymous said...

YOU may have remained placid, but I didn't! *blush* Thanks for the recall...great piece.


Anonymous said...

Could your lack of memory of events be caused by deep submission and having witness' to what was taking place? That was one good spanking and from your description well delivered. It's also nice that Cindy learned from the experience, which you may regret lol.
At times Robyn will spank hard and slow giving me time to feel the full sting before the next is given and i do quite enjoy it.

Joe said...

WOW That sounds like an awesome experience to be long remembered. Glad to hear Cindy is really getting into the "swing " of things. You are a lucky man Red thanks for sharing.

Quentin QBuzz said...

Really enjoyed reading this. Will Cindy get to spank John in return?

john said...

Great story Red.We have regularly some guests from the scene and more or less Danielle considers it a case of good hospitality to not let them leave the party without a good hot bottom.
Especially people without a spanking partner always get the attention they need.
She is on top however when there is a good reason to spank for real issues.

Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure to read the story, your report I may say for it was exactly how you told it.

I'd like to add my idea's of spanking a person.
The spanker measures out the severeness due to the reactions of the spankee. Those who falsify the cries of pain get an extra slap or worse are sent away.
You didn't react much. Your feet, your body at times but no sound which made it difficult for me to know if you needed more or that it was time to stop.
At the end I saw tears in your eyes. Cindy told me that that never happened before.

And of course I accept your apology.
We are friends, isn't it!


NoraJean said...

It sounds like you (and Cindy) had an amazing experience, Red! ... how wonderful to have such special friends! ... nj

Red said...

Tomy: Danielle and John are indeed special friends, and we love being with them.

Mark: glad you enjoyed it, and maybe readers who have similar REAL NOT FICTIONAL meetings would be worthwhile to send me and post.

archedone: What you say could very well be true. I wonder what other people's mind is doing when being well spanked. My mind seems to just be absorbing the spanks, and their effects, without any thinking whatsoever. It is excellent that Cindy has learned from Danielle.

Joe: I am indeed a lucky man.

qbuzz: Cindy has no interest in spanking anyone else, and I doubt that will ever change. However, she has my permission if she decides to spank someone else, with or without me watching.

John: Glad you liked my recounting the event. Maybe you could send me a private post of what your thoughts were during the spanking, and then I could post your commentary.
Thank you for sharing the knowledge that this was not a rare occurrence, but happens occasionally. I am well warned to try and avoid a spanking for a real reason, but Danielle has now written me that she does have a reason for a real spanking next time we meet.

Danielle: I am glad you approve of my description of the spanking.
The ideas you express on spanking a person are very sound and responsible. I am sorry I made it difficult for you to read me. Yes, one or two tears in each eye has never occurred before, or if it had, only one tear once when Cindy spanked me.
We love having John and yourself as good friends, and look forward to when we next meet.

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I have women friends, who are not into spanking, who I would really love to spank me. If I were ever to get such an opportunity with one of them, I would definitely want to be over her knee, the classic position. I am wondering if you would have preferred to be OTK, if only for part of the spanking.

Red said...

NoraJean: yes, an amazing experience with wonderful friends.

anon: OTK makes you more submissive, and in a more intimate (and intimidating ) position. Happy the spanking occurred, and the spanker chooses what will happen, not the spankee. I will never make any suggestion whatsoever.
bottoms up