Extremely effectively Spanked before an event

This about says it all for our relationship, at the current time.
Being spanked before some event, where Cindy is worried,, whether justifiable or not, that I might do sometihing to embarrass her or anyone. is standard practice in our house.

Cindy wanted to make certain I would remember myself while sitting, and even standing.

Before her shower to get ready, I was instructed to get three spanking implements, and experience has shown me to get effective implements. You do NOT want to annoy the spanker.

My normally retrieved implements are the wooden bath brush (from a long time ago " the Vermont country store"), the short tawse, and a cane.

Cindy has paid close attention to Danielle's strength and skill, and she has made my spankings since that visit  far more effective.

Cindy sat on the spanking chair, i removed my pants and underwear, and she patted her knee for me to bend over.
Cindy likes to start full force now, with the bath brush, on the fattest  parts of my bottom cheeks, as it effectively gets me squirming and owwing. Each spank is with a snap of the wrist, doubling down on the penetration of the pain. This part of the spanking was much longer than before, and then the brush started visiting the top of the back of my legs.
A pause, while Cindy caught her breath (as did I), and a lecture of how I was going to behave tonight, and a review of the key points.

1. Listen more, talk less (spanks)
2. Limit my drinking to enhance number 1 (many more spanks)
3. stay clear of politics and religion (with a real flurry to finish this part of the spanking.

Next came the tawse, and it was very instructive, as it can visit lower on the legs, and higher on the bottom, and delve between cheeks at times. My bottom was on fire.
Lastly, stand up and go onto the bed with pillows to raise your bottom.

Fortunately, the cane was used not too strongly, and only briefly. Cindy must have appreciated how red and deep red my bottom was.

I was permited to stand up, and immediately thanked Cindy for my spanking, and promised to behave.

The evening went very well. I was extremely relaxed, and Cindy was very pleased.

My bottom was very sore while driving to and from the event, even though the car seats are cushioned. My sore bottom was a strong reminder throughout the evening, specially when sitting for dinner.

I felt the soreness while gardening today, and sitting on a cushioned seat while typing this.

The rather unfortunate thing is that we have an event this evening also, and I have been promised a further spanking before we go.

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

RED,,,,,,,,,,,,,George got the nod from me last evening at a party in which is was a bit too mouthy and he knew when we got home he would go over my knees......yes i have began to take him there again and am loving it.....he got the brush and he did not get a happy ending to the spanking....it was a discipline one as you too should be given not that little pink bottom you love to show off..........it would be WHITE HOT IF I HAD YOU OVER MY KNEES......C

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

I used to feel there was something wrong with "preventative" or "prophylactic" spankings. It just didn't seem right to get spanked before you had even done anything wrong. But, while she's only done it a couple of times, I now get it. In both instances, I actually did behave better than I likely would have without the pre-event swats.

Quentin QBuzz said...

Sounds like your pre-emptive spankings are quite fierce :D
What's it like when you're actually getting punished?!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Cindy did really learn from the last spanking Danielle gave you. I can't say I've ever experienced a spanking prior to going some place to remind me to behave. I also don't have some of the bad habits you have when visiting others. Sad to say none of the pictures came thru but I'm sure you were well spanked. I do have one question does Danielle spank her husband, and if so has Cindy ever spanked him or had the desire to?

kdpierre said...

Rosa only did this a couple of times....(mostly when my mother was alive and she was worried I would say or do something out that would bother her).....which I think led to me taking them even more seriously....but they definitely worked. I can definitely see her doing something like this again though she hasn't in a long time.

Dan said...

My wife has done that to me a couple of time before an event we had to attend. It does work. There has been a couple of times when I acted up at a party and my wife asked the hostess if she had a private place where we could talk except there was no talking only me getting the hairbrush applied to my bottom.

David said...

I’m defintely going to try that next time we go to an event. I have behaved badly at times at public events, and I bet my wife will be more than happy to roast my rump as a pre-emptive measure!

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

I love the 'leg lock' from the lady in the red sweater.
The sweater is stretched nicely in the places it needs to be stretched.

ssssst....don't tell Lindsay about this remark.

Kind regards,

Marco (from Lindsay).

Red said...

C: lucky for me that I am not over your knees, not so lucky for George when he earns a discipline spanking.

Dan: a disciplined hubby: Preventative spankings definitely work, as they make you aware of past bad behaviors, lets you feel your sore bottom during the event, and comes with the comfort that your wife loves you. If she did not care, she would not be spanking you.

Qbuzz: you should know by now what it feels like. the stronger the passion while spanking, the stronger the spanking.

archedone: you should suggest it to Robyn if ever she was upset by your behavior at a previous gathering. Cindy has no desire to spank anyone else. Danielle spanks John whenever she feel s it is needed.

kdpierre: You should remind Rose how well it worked, and suggest that she should use it if she ever thinks it might be needed.

Dan: that only works if your wife is agreeable for people to know you are spanked.

David: tell us how it goes when your wife tries it for the first time.

Marco; it seems to me you would like to be spanked soon, so why not ask for one the next time an opportunity prevails.

bottoms up