cindy spanked with her permission

We had a disagreement, where Cindy sort of zoned out while we were out shopping. She stayed in the shade while I was in the store, then I asked her to help me, but she was not really listening. I went and lifted the gardening supplies (heavy bags) onto the cart, I could not see her when I went to the cash, so paid and took them to the car.

Once I had put them in the car, I took the cart back, could not see her, and went into the store and had to have her paged. She had been sitting somewhere else in the shade.

On the way home, I stated that if I had done this, I would be spanked. Too bad that she  has to accept being spanked before I can spank her.

When at home, she declared, instead of talking again about it, and being upset, will the topic be dropped if you spank me?


We went to the bedroom, and Cindy stood in front of me while I sat on the spanking chair, undid, and lowered her pants, and then her panties.

Over my knee, but Cindy is a little too short for this chair to be able to comfortably reach the floor with her hands, so we moved to the bed.

One spank to each cheek with the hair brush, then a pause, while Cindy stated not too hard.
Your bottom is not even showing pink.

Another two spanks, with a pause, until we reached ten, and Cindy was not a happy spankee. "That is enough!" was her statement, but I stated no , we are going to 20  like you asked for on a cruise ship so that you could finish a book that would disappear from your mobile device at midnight, instead of wandering the ship and dancing to music. : was my reply.

Do you want them fast or slow.

Two more slow, two more slow, a lot of squirming and owwing, and then the last six in succession, bringing real distress and owwwing.

The spanking was ended, and Cindy stood up, and I reminded her: what do we say after being spanked?

" thank you for my spanking was not wholeheartedly stated, but accepted, and we hugged.

The problem was solved, and no further mention was needed to the incident.

What a delightful way to solve a problem, at least for me.

bottoms up



Google and Audrey Knight

I have had this happen a few times, and I rarely Google any spanking concepts.

I googled Audrey Knight, and the first link took me to this website. In watching some of these videos, I understand now how severe some spanking sites give spankings, and  why Audrey Knight spanks so hard.

You can see extremely significant pain in some of these videos, of her spanking someone, or being spanked.






A massive amount of spanking videos show  up, so visit before they disappear.

No need to join the site.

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well spanked

I imagine like everyone else, we go through frequent spankings, then droughts.

However, when ending a short drought, Cindy certainly makes the spanking effective.

Yesterday, she announced I would be spanked, but first she would discuss why, and then the spanking. The discussion had some give and take, as I always manage to try to defend somethings that are really quite indefensible.   

Do you do this, when upon reflection the next day, sitting on a very sore bottom, you realize that what she was saying was really  much closer to the truth than my defense of my actions.

Thus, when the discussion ended, Cindy informed me to get something wooden, something leather, and a cane. (fort quite some time Cindy could never remember the name :  cane, but now the word simply always comes to mind,  and rolls easily off the tongue.

I retrieved for Cindy the hurley stick, the short tawse, and the longest cane (from Ronnie, who now has a link to canes on her site). In addition, Cindy wanted her high heel shoes to  raise her knees, meaning a long time for my bare bottom over her knees.

Surprisingly, Cindy started with her hand, and it was quite strong, warming up my bottom for what was to follow.

Next came the wooden hurley (smaller hand version) stick.

It has a wallop, as the wood is VERY HARD, and the handle makes for maximum velocity as it spanks the fattest parts of my bottom, and upper thighs. Many full strokes had my feet raising up from the floor, and doing a little dance.

Cindy paused for a number of moments, and then the short tawse visited both top and bottom of my bum, including the back of the legs. It also was used on just one cheek, both near and far, either wrapping causing me to rotate to try and lessen the effect, or delving between the cheeks when striking the nearest cheeks.
https://www.cane-iac.com/items/leather-shack~straps/lochgellytawsejr-detail.htm  (I highly recommend you purchase the pair (short and long), and although I get  no commission, mention that I advised you to purchase them. Always good to let them know how effective an implement is. Also, please note: you will REGRET this purchase when they are used on your bottom)

Another pause, and to my surprise, it was then back to the Hurley stick for more spanks, and then back to the Tawse for more spanks.

My bottom was on fire, and I imagine Cindy knew she was being effective.  she then announced it was time to get onto the bed, for the cane.

Pillows beneath me to raise my bottom, numerous quick strong strokes visited my bottom. In addition, Cindy experimented with using the cane solely on the closest cheek.

When Cindy was satisfied, I was permitted to rise, and I immediately thanked her for the spanking.

Asked to look in the mirror, my bottom was very red, and Cindy remarked how red it was, with admiration of her efforts in spanking me.

Later that evenig, we made love/.  Cindy even mentioned what fun it was to be on top and grind into me, making certain that my bottom was being felt and the spanking remembered.

The spanking did solve the problem, and writing this the next day, I fully realize how wrong I had been.

bottoms up



positions of carpet beater recipients

Many delightful positions are available for the spanker to place the spankee.

I thought I would start by showing the gusto a spanker can use
thus being on a bed with your bottom raised by pillows makes a delightful target
and a great view
 and the spankee can stay in place holding the carpet beater, for the next dose to be given
Another possibility, if the bed is high enough
 but a table usually is a perfec theight for a strong forehand stroke like in tennis
 even OTK is possible with a shorter carpet beater
The sofa is also perfect
or the back of a chair
 just remember to get enough velocity was this young woman is showing
 Practice makes perfect
 but if you see this subtle hint when you arrive home: RUN

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carpet beater holders

Carpet beaters used to have many usages, but it now appears there is only one predominant use.

Can you guess?

Does the fact that the ladies are mostly wearing high heels give you a reasonable clue?
 Possibly that the woman is indoors. with no carpet insight
 The fluffy sandals, and showing you the carpet beater (we have one identical to this)
 and the fact of other spanking implements, while in a room with wood floors

but, really , the broad smile on her face, reacting to your look of shock
says she is going to enjoy herself.

bottoms up



in Danielle's house

Subtle hints exist around her home to remind John and any visitors to behave.

When you first enter the home, you make look one way and admire how beautiful and full of light the house is, but when you look forward towards the wall to hang up your coat, this is the view that catches your attention. It is facing right at you!
Then,when you  are hanging up your coat or sweater, these are directly above the rack as a decorative touch.
Only when I was resizing this photo, did I see hidden on the rack, a extremely heavy, wide, wooden cane. You can just see the handle and part of the shaft.
Another little treat was in a little bin, ready for instant use. I laid it on the stairs, and it is truly frightful.
Out in the garden shed, there was a frightfully whippy carpet beater, but I did not take a picture of it.
When we first talked, Danielle was the spanked person in the relationship. This seems like eons ago, but probably, and is probably 15 years ago or so. With the www.spankedhubby.blogspot.comDanielle wanted to converse with the man who was spanked. Being wary, I was uncertain of communicating, and at one time she sent me a photo of herself in her backyard, showing her spanked bottom. It was obviously a real person, in a real environment, and long before spanking sites were a dime a dozen so to speak.

Danielle, John, Cindy and myself chatted independently,  and became very good friends. It is a friendship we cherish.  John cherishes being spanked, and probably has the LOVe/ hate relationship while being spanked.

Enjoy life.

bottoms up

These three above come from www.anotherbondiblonde.tumblr.com