Fantasy Real Life maids

The normal person on spanking websites you see being spanked is usually quite stunningly attractive.

This is not the average person that you meet on the street everyday, nor is she or he looking like most of your friends, or yourself.

The only link to the website I could find is as follows

The employer is annoyed with her maid, and sitting on the spanking chair when she calls her to come into the room please.
The explanation given by the maid is not convincing her employer, who has now folded her arms in displeasure
to have full access to the maid's bottom,  and to add shame to the maid, this position is regularly employed by her emmployer
 A nice large kitchen spoon is being employed
 leisurely but effectively
 as the maid has to balance herself uncomfortably on her hands
 It must have been a minor infraction, because usally you see a much redder spanked bottom
a well spanked maid goes back to her duties, hopefully with a better reason to do a good job.

Hope you liked the sequence, of photos, and can imagine someone being your maid, and having the good fortune to be able to spank her/him.

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The Maid (EndArt)

using more art from EndArt

This would be delightful if botj  people enjoyed being spanked
 the belt
Struggling on the knee, but is it only me, or do you see the woman placed on the knee so her pussy is constantly being stimulated during the spanking
 Love that the maids are always in high heels and stockings, and soap for  bad language
 Now this postion would certainly keep you in place until the spanking is finished

 that is, spank me harder
No idea why anyone would use a machine, when a hand spanking is so much more FUN!!!

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 look carefully for a while at the above picture and the cat will appear



The maid

Maids can have different requirements according to our imagination.

1. If they have done a poor job, they can be told to bare their bottom and bend over for a spanking to teach them the error of their ways
No, I said bend over properly so your bottom is fully and truly presented
That is much better, and then a nice photo is taken after the spanking
Of course, most readers assumed it was a man spanknig the maid (our fantasy), but equally delightful would be watching your wife spank the maid.
and lastly, if your wife is tired, she can have the maid spank you

EndArt had quite a collection on this theme

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 Anne Hathaway



Has ANY READER NEVER felt the wooden spoon

The simple spoon is probably one of the most used implements for an on the spot spanking, specially if you and your partner are in the kitchen.
Whereas, this heavy duty spoon is something seriously to avoid
With a slow and methodical application, your bottom will become bright red
 and it works well for both women and men
This woman might be considered fortunate for so little of a spanking, unless she is waitng for the next dose, this time with the wooden spoon

Has your partner ever used a wooden kitchen spoon on your bare bottom?

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what do the neighbors know

fun captions
delightful idea
Does anyone know you are spanked?

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