Some days you get spanked

Maintenance spankings have never really been a part of our spanking life, but with no specific reason, then this spanking evolved into a reminder of ideas in our life.

I asked Cindy if she wanted to spank me in the room we were in, where I could bend over the back of the sofa, and she was quite thrilled with the idea. Cindy instructed me to retrieve something leather and something else, so I retrieved the long tawse, the long bath brush, and my belt.

My belt looks exactly like this, and I suggested to Cindy that she always ha this available when we are on vacation, so maybe she would want to practice with it. She thought that was a very good idea.

She folded it in two, so that she could grasp it at the buckle end.
Bare bottomed, bent at the waist, a review of our rules was the order of the day.  The belt really echoed in our room, as she wielded it with good strength..
Review is that I have to stop raising my voice when I get anxious or frustrated.  I have apologized for this, and stated I am trying.

Thinking more about it while writing now, it will need me to be proactive:
when Cindy says are you raising your voice to me?
Simply apologize, walk upstairs and retrieve a spanking implement, and hand it to Cindy.

Cindy used the belt for quite a significant time.
Now, let's try the tawse. (that's what you call it, don't you: yes Dear). Stand up and stretch your back before we continue. Yes, Dear.

We are going to be traveling and also seeing friends soon, so let us review the rules for you:


It has two long somewhat thin fingers, and is VERY HEAVY when it lands.

Cindy was quite delighted with my reactions to it's application to my bottom.

The fingers are about half the size of the fingers shown in this photo, and I thought her bottom is far prettier than mine.   www.firmhandspankings.com
Aside: you can easily see how the tawse delves inside the crack of your bottom whenever the close cheek is being spanked only.

What are the rules?
The tawse was landing frequently, as I rapidly stated:
Do NOT drink too much
Do NOT talk too much (Listen more, talk less)
Ask questions and listen to response.
That is excellent, you do remember,  as the tawse kept being applied.

Why are you on your toes?  My reply was I really did not know, but I just couldn't keep my feet on the ground.

More strokes, as an explanation of why each rule existed.

If you drink too much, you simply talk forever, not letting anyone else speak.
Thus, by not drinking, and asking questions about the other people, you have a much more pleasant time.

A few more quick spanks, and then : okay, time for the bath brush!

A number of sharp hard spanks to the meaty part of my bottom were very effective, and then the spanking ended.

I immediately thanked Cindy for the spanking. (The lighting of the flash does not show the redness)
In looking at the picture, it felt like the top of my bottom and the top of the back of my legs were being spanked, but they were not. Quite frightening if they are next time, as this was a very, very intense spanking..

No sexual activity after the spanking, as the spanking had a purpose. This happened around 3 in the afternoon, and when going to bed at 11:30, my bottom was still very red.

I felt it all evening (specially when sitting), and it is still sore this morning when writing this episode. Fortunately, the seat I use at the computer is cushioned.

bottoms up



Quentin QBuzz said...

Great account and belt pics! Wonder if the girl in the first pic is removing it to use on someone else or have it used on her...

Joe said...

A very special spanking and should be well remembered. Had a significant spanking yesterday with a hair brush, short tease and wooden paddle that will be well remembered.

Anonymous said...

J. believes in "maintenance" spankings - which she usually delivers on Fridays... (she just did, two hours ago). Her tools of choice are one of her paddles, the strap, the rattan cane and the martinet - or, some times, the maple switches. I am expected to thank her for it (and I know better than failing to do so!)...
A Friday spanking also serves as an advance notice or what awaits me over the weekend, when I have to perform my usual chores - in my summary attire - and face the threat of an 'ad hoc' volley of whacks or lashes when she is dissatisfied with my work.

Red said...

Qbuzz: looks like she intends to sue it.

Joe: every more intense spanked is remembered as long as you still have a sore bottom

L: fun times

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Yesterday' "maintenance" spanking proved to have the desired effect, and L. diligently performed his Saturday chores, so that he needed no "reminder" * We'll see if this holds true tomorrow!


* As usual, however, after giving his instructions at bedside, I paddled his derrière with my hairbrush until he managed to recite the full list of his chores for the day -and the same procedure will be repeated tomorrow...

Red said...

J: yikes

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I got up at 7am to prepare J's breakfast and bring it to her (she likes to have breakfast in bed on Sundays) - wearing the attire I am expected to do while performing my weekend chores. I waited at bedside until she was ready to give me her instructions which I recited as best as I could (with the help of no more than a dozen whacks of her hairbrush)... and I performed my chores so diligently that no "reminders" were needed! But the weather was so nice - for the first time in months - that J. felt we should go out for a walk in the woods to welcome the return of Spring... and I knew what she had in mind!
Sure enough, after a while, she spotted an appropriate location, cut herself a 20-inch maple switch and ordered me to "get ready" (which I did). Because of what she called my "good behavior", I only got fifty lashes of the switch... enough to make me squeal - and to leave red welts on my derrière!.. Oh, I know what to expect over the next six months (especially when we go visit her sister in Burgundy!)