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The following saying is so true.
One method of keeping a happy relationship is the following. I wish I had asked Cindy on our wedding day.
Here is one site that believes this concept
Here is what the author has to say
have been married to my wife for 18 years. We live in a Female Led Marriage. My wife is very loving and is a good leader. I ask permission for everything except the use of the bathroom. She uses a paddle to remind me of my place. We are extremely close because of this type of relationship and would like to find other couples to share knowledge and experience.

This tumblr still exists, but only published for 6 months, so check out the archive.

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Waiting patiently part 2

Sometimes, you might have the good fortune (?)
To see your wife erotically dressed for some fun with a cane
Possibly, she might be the student, and she is going to cane you (the teacher)
The leather skirt could be a sign of play
but bending the cane and smiling at you might mean a serious caning
but a strict no nonsense look
 and a slight smirk
means a real caning is on it's way ( specially if given by Miss Jenn)
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Say NO to mechanization

The thought of replacing the human touch is sad.
One misses the human touch
 Even Hercule Poirot would say: NO no my friend, usere the little brain cells to find a better way
removing the fun of the hand
Removing the  freedom to make yourself stay in place and be spanked
 and not hearing the pleas of "I promise to behave"
 However, the thought of letting her choose when the spanking will start is intriguing
 and this is certainly better than spanking yourself
and as you age, you may need help
 enjoy the thoughts
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Here is a blog you will enjoy reading

Susan started it in 2010 , and it has not been updated since July 2017.

However, reading it is quite wonderful, and if enough people leave comments, and if Susan has comments set to send her an email that a comment has been left, she might be encouraged to write more.

If not, it is still a wonderful resource into the thing we do

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waiting patiently photos

Slowly trying to use photos that I have saved from tumblr.

Today's post shows women waiting with a wooden implement to use on your bottom
 you have to determine the level of patience
displayed by each woman
waiting for you to present your bare bottom for chastisement
She might even have a little smile as you stumble getting out oof your underwear
but her patience is limited
 and the length of that bath brush is daunting
 it is time
and then
 bottoms up