the spanking

This spanking was even more memorable, as Cindy evolves in her spanking techniques.

Cindy informed me that she was going to take a leisurely bath, and then she would call me for my spanking when she is ready.

A little while had elapsed from when I heard the bath tub draining, when the words:

Come upstairs please, it is time for your spanking!

I quickly went upstairs, as delaying is not an advisable thing to do.

Cindy was dressed in a very sexy negligee, but as I went to kiss her, the words:

Bring me something leather, and a cane.

I have learned that the leather I bring is either the short or long tawse, as they are the most effective leather implement we own.. Cindy was pleased with my choices.

Cindy sat on the spanking chair, and I quickly stripped and went over her knee. Cindy used the tawse for a very long time. There would be short bursts of strokes, then a pause with a little discussion, then many slower spanks, then rapid, then another pause. The sit spot and a bit below were well and truly spanked, besides my bum. A question about are you breathing, as Cindy wants to make certain I am not holding my breath. Yes, Dear, and then a new flurry of strokes. Are your arms okay, and your wrists, yes dear, and another flurry covering everywhere.

Cindy does a flurry until she is basically out of breath, and then pauses. I am learning that she does not run out of breath easily.
Many times I found myself with my feet upwards, with my knees bent. I doubt it helped. I also was keeping my legs firmly together when they had opened somewhat aa  a stroke went inner between the cheeks.

Cindy paused, and then said: okay, time for the cane. Please put some pillows on the bed and arrange yourself over them.

Many cane strokes, some quite sharp, followed. Cindy questioned me about today's lesson: which was not to mention or talk about..... (no need to share this), and then said:

Okay: last five

Each were fortunately not strong spanks.

I was permitted to rise, and look at my bottom in the mirror. Wow!

I came and hugged Cindy, and she stated : you forgot two words. I immediately stated : thank you for my spanking.  (I may pay for that sometime in the future. It is the first time I have ever forgotten)

The cuddling, kissing, and the sex were mind blowing. Far better than we when we were first married, and so unaware of how to make love, and the things that make each of us have a fabulous orgasm. Live and learn.

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

It seems that Cindy and J have a lot in common - whether in the choice of instruments, in the "delivery" (or in the aftermath). I was treated to a very similar experience last night - which did not spare me from getting the martinet today for not performing my weekend chores to her satisfaction... and who knows what might await me tomorrow!
ps: The paddlings or whippings I may get while (mis)performing my chores over the weekend do not entitle me to any aftermath "reward" but, at least, they are never witnessed (except when B. is visiting)

Dan said...

My wife has really evolved over the years with her spanking. She went from someone who really wasn't sure about spanking to someone who has developed techniques that I never imagined.

Yorkie69 said...

That sounded devine Red. Simply devine.

Happy spankings my friend.


Joe said...

Hi Red, Sounds like a good one. Had a similar one last night short tawse, paddle and cane, pause for some fondling and repeat even stronger. All I can say is WOW! T's techniques keep getting better and better for someone who was unsure she wanted to do this.

Red said...

L; not every spanking should have a reward afterwards.
Dan: practice and imagination (sometimes by accident) makes the spanker more effective

Yorkie: true
Joe: glad things are progressing well for both of you
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

If (and when) L. gets a "reward" after I have soundly paddled or lashed his derrière, it's because it has put me in the mood!... A well-trashed bottom (and a sniveling - yet thankful husband) are always inciting...

Red said...

J: a wonderful relationship where L is probably rewarded many times a week
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

The "rewards" I get are at J's discretion - and, unfortunately, on her mood. If she has reason to be angry, the spanking or the whipping is likely to be harsh (and not mitigated by any "reward"). Other times, however, the spanking is (relatively) milder - and more "playful" - and I know a "reward" will follow...
As I can expect to get spanked or whipped 3 or 4 times a week - including over the weekend when I perform my household chores - I may get a couple of "rewards" a week (in addition to "rewards" not conditioned on a prior spanking!).


ps. No "rewards" are ever granted when I am spanked under the eyes of one of her friends (or even her sister). This was also N's MO...

Red said...

L: glad to know some are more playful, and obviously, no rewards when others are present
bottoms up