Marriage rules

Not certain when I found this on tumblr (or where I found it if elsewhere). If you created it, lwt me know to post a link.

In a CONSENSUAL SPANKING RELATIONSHIP, the spankee has given up the right to object to a spanking.
  • If the spanker has determined a spanking is needed, then it will be given
  • The spanker does not need any reason whatsoever to give a spanking
  • The spankee must always thank the spanker for the spanking after the spanking has ended
  •  If the spankee wants to discuss the reasona afterwards, it better be done very submissively
The only reason to delay a spanking is determined by the couple prior to any spanking being on the horizon of possibility.

Cindy does not spank me immediately in the morning, until I have moved around a bit and stretched out my back by every day movements. Thus, no straining or spasming of the back. this only takes one to three minutes after I am up. Anytime afterwards my bottom can be bared immediately.

A woman should never have to say the last half of this caption from

What are your thoughts?

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thought for today

A wise man learns
the result will always be the same
Come here
or a sly SMILE as she sees the panic hit your eyes
The look of what did you expect after that behavior
Yes, this is for your bottom dear boyfriend (or husband)
Did you thin you could get away speaking to me like that?
Yes dear, I am happy that now I can solve the problem to MY SATISFACTION
 Are you deliberately trying to make me angry by not BARING your bottom inmediately
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spanking in gifs

First, kneel and kiss the hand that is about to spank you
then, spank slowly and for quite some time to build the burn, the submission, and the pain
and if he tries to get up, find a new position and make the spanking MUCH longer
Even a small hairbrush is effective if used for a significant period of time
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waiting to greet you

Sometimes it is a hug and a kiss, and welcome home dear.
And sometimes the greeting is bare your bottom and get over my knee
At least the wife is happy, and quite enjoying herself while watching your reactions while she spanks you


A very true statement
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A fine collection

A sign like this in a adult store would be an eye opener, and a great suggestion for women
and a display like this at home would have a very non-argumentative spouse.
However, all of our implements are hidden away. (We have a few of each in all the pictures in this post)
We store our implements either in a bag on the floor of our bedroom closet or if they have cord attachments on a hanger at the back of the closet. A couple are on the long shelf because no where else to put them.
Where do you store your implements?

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 (in cold water)
the above two grins are from  http://gigglesgrinsandreflections.blogspot.com/


thought for today

The finger beckons you to her
Your first thought is that you should have behaved better

 as you pause to catch your breath, her hands go to her hips
and that your delay is annoying her EVEN MORE

And then

 Your future is foretold to you
your feet will be dancing
 and she will be becoming happier with each spank
dancing feet does NOT stop the spanking. It is just your way of applauding your partner's efforts
Corner time display of your spanked bottom upstairs in the bedroom while you reflect, and allow the tears to finally subside
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