when you finish your coffee

Sometimes you screw up, and an argument ensues where you both raise your voices. This happened today.

After having calmed down, I sent Cindy a email with this title. the message was
I apologize
 above captioned photo from  https://disciplinedhubbies.blogspot.com
Cindy accepted my apology, and the suggested solution.

Bare bottomed, OTK, for a long dose of sound spanks with the short tawse. The spanks were in flurries of maybe eight to ten, and caused my feet to rise, and my knees to bend the feet upward to the sky. I grunted and ooowwed as a flurry was given, then a pause. Resumption , with another flurry of maybe ten spanks. my identical response.  This movement of my legs made the back of the top of my thighs a wonderful target for the tawse also.

After three or four flurries, then the questioning and response time. It took a few flurries for all the right answers to be given.

Why was I being spanked? 
Because we had had an argument!
Flurry of spanks
Why are you being spanked?
Because I raised my voice!
Flurry of spanks
Why are you being spanked? 
because I should have started the discussion in a way where we did not get upset
Flurry of spanks

By now, at least fifty or more with that short tawse, when Cindy stated:
The answer is because I love you!
Why are you being spanked?
Because you love me. 
Yes, and flurry of spanks.

We must not argue, and we must not lose our temper or raise our voice.!
FLURRY OF SPANKS, lasting quite a while
Yes, dear. 
Okay, you can get up now and hand me the cane.
Yes, dear

Bending over at the waist, hands on the seat of the chair, many strokes were given with the cane, in flurries, with strength, and a few questions to review  why I was being spanked.

After many, Cindy was worried  that my wrists might be under too much stress in this positon, or I stood bent only slightly over the tall back of the chair, and the last numerous strokes were given , some higher up that had been white until then.

When told my spanking was finished, i thanked Cindy, and we cuddled. There was at least one tear in each eye, and Cindy expressed a little bit of worry, but I said it was fine, and I realize it may happen when you give me a sound spanking. 

It was a very sound spanking! We made love later that day, and make-up sex is always amazing, specially after being soundly spanked

All is well now, and we are both smiling, although my bottom is quite on FIRE!!!!

bottoms up

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Dan said...

I hate that question and answer period during my spanking. Sometimes it goes on for ever.

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

Careful -- that picture has captioning! You moral degenerate you. ;-)

Quentin QBuzz said...

Nothing like sex after a sound spanking, especially when you've been a naughty boy :D

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

"Pulling out doesn't work." LMAO!

Anonymous said...

I usually don't need to be asked (or reminded) why I am being spanked - except, perhaps, when J. decides to take out the martinet or the hairbrush out of her suitcase after we get in our hotel room... or when we are walking in the woods and she chooses to cut herself a "nice" switch - in which cases she may choose to give me a "reason"... Most times, however, I know exactly why I am being chastised (and not to question why)...

Red said...

Dan Mei: it does make for a prolonged and harder spanking.

Dan: very true, but I thought you knew that for a very long time

Qbuzz: wonderful

Dan; I thought it was hilarious

L: never question why is a good motto to love by. Questioning will only make the spanking longer and harder
bottoms up