views of the beach

You cannot beat a day at the beach..
 The views are amazing (Helen Mirren many many years aogo)
 ah! what is there not to like about the beach
The beautiful blue waters

but very soon it will be back to the frozen northlands
and all the household chores

and reality

bottoms up


Carl H said...

Is the first one from "Age of Consent" (1969)?
If you like that try out "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover" (with full frontal nudity).
Or the fully clothed Ms Mirren in a terrible British production (1968?) of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" along with her cohorts, Diana Rigg (Emma Peel from The Avengers) and Judy Dench ("M" from James Bond). It is noteworthy only because it includes these 3 future stars together in an otherwise mediocre film.

I am not that much on Judy Dench (who was a chubby little tomato even back then), but Ms Mirren & Ms Rigg (who is officially a "Dame") have longtime been 2 of my favorite cougars.

Baxter said...

Helen Mirren is still good looking at her age. As far as what to see at a beach, we visited a beach in the Netherlands that was on the North Sea and, wow, topless women everywhere. My wife and sister in law knew I was gawking, but no spanking occurred.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful beach pictures, makes one want to get comfortable and lick and suck. The cleaning pictures don't fit in this house, it would be me on my knees cleaning with Robyn holding a paddle in her hand. I'm sure you two had a great time with many wonderful spankings. Even Cindy had a nice red bottom.

Red said...

Carl Judy Dench is one of my favorite actors. Have you ever watched As time goes by. Helen is still an amazing woman

Baxter: unfortunate that your wife did not spank you in front of your sister in law, plus announcing that you know what will happen if you do NOT stop gawking.

archedone: we had a great vacation.

bottoms up