Old school ideas

A little humor to start your day.

and the solution
 applied psychology

of course, times change

and some people gladly bare their bottom, if it will get them spanked

bottoms up



Baxter said...

good stuff. Those two chicks baring their bottoms out in nature may well be looking to relieve themselves. My wife steps off the trail often.

but for some reason, I never see some chick partially disrobing in a store. The most I see is a buttcrack or side boob. Well, I dislike shopping anyway.

ronnie said...

I love the photocopier pic, a favourite of mine.

Hope holiday is going well.


Anonymous said...

The two pics w/bare bottoms out side could well be me getting ready for Robyn to give me a good spanking. I've had more than a few out in nature.

Red said...

Baxter: glad you liked the post. Cindy always complains about the unfairness if I relieve myself on a trail, whereas it is so much harder for her.

Ronnie: vacation was awesome. Loved the beaches, the hot weather, sunshine, and meals on board. the first photo also reminds me of polaroid cameras

archedone: delightful to experience as often as possible
bottoms up