Fun tee shirt

About to embark on our second cruise 🚢, . On the previous, I wore two rum monkey tee shirts , which say on the back

I have been a bad monkey, Spank Me.

While dancing in the Centrum, a group of people saw it and were really amused. I will be wearing the same tee shirt, so if you have read this, and are interested, come say hello, and mention TTWD.

That would be a good opener to chatting

This was written yesterday while sitting in the lounge in port
Bottoms up


James Stephenson said...

I wonder if a T-shirt message like this or the "It's my birthday - spank me" badges that I've seen would be enough to constitute consent in the 'MeToo" era...

Red said...

James: on a woman you know, I would take the chance to give one spank, and see the reaction.

bottoms up