fun at the office

Why not let our imaginations have some fun today.
or, maybe your preference is to see the boss spanked.
and a office desk has more than one purpose in life
and some women have the exact same needs

or we might imagine this day at the office

lily is just so delightfully spankable

ANY dreams for today?  

This next one lets you know why they only show ABOVE THE DESK WHILE BROADCASTING
 pleasant dreams

bottoms up



Baxter said...

I think spankings at work is a real need in this world as there are people who do stupid things and need a warm up to get their head on straight. there are also those in every office who are passive aggressive that deserve a sore bottom. People are treated for shit at the office and the offenders should just give in and get what they truly deserve. and I deserve a good spanking from time to time also. Offices need spankings and everyone needs them. Cannot wait to retire.

Red said...

Baxter: retirement is wonderful, and yes, I would have loved to spank some colleagues, and I know a few would have loved to return the favor
bottoms up