discussing cell phone usage got me spanked

My mouth sometimes gets the better of my brain. With a friend, talking about people using cellphones, I accidently broached a family matter that should be talked about only in the family.
Cindy was upset.
Today, I was spanked for that quite significantly.

Bare bottomed, with two pillows to raise my bare bottom, and more than 25 hard whacks with the

At least a tear or two in one eye, and the legs bouncing around and staying at a right angle. Cindy would pause, and wait until I lowered them, to begin another dose of the tawse.

My bottom was very red, and both from the top of the back of my legs tot he top of my bottom. I however, never had my legs open like the above, to avoid one finger delving between the legs.

A warning was given to never do this again, and I will try my best for a very long time.

bottoms up



Quentin QBuzz said...

I'd love to be spanked with leather implements till my butt is the colour of the one in the third pic!

Anonymous said...

Robyn will sometimes spank me like that. if there is too much movement she stops until i settle down then starts spanking again. I'm sure each and every one stung properly.

Anonymous said...

My wife bottom was a nice shade of red, even she admitted it. Reason, using cell phone while driving, slight fender bender. I was not slight on her bare bottom.

Red said...

qbuzz: leather can certainly do that
archedone; they did
anon: appropriate, and glad no one was hurt in the collision
bottoms up