Different spankings

Well, we are almost finished our current cruising, and bottoms have been spanked.
Cindy has on separate occasions used either the tawse, or the bath brush.

Each time it was bare bottom over the knees, and  very effective.

Cindy even had her turn for a slow long hand spanking,, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Cindy did not enjoy it, but accepted being spanked for misbehaving the exact same way, two days in a row, after promising she would never do that again. The hand spanking had more than 20 spanks, and left her bottom quite red.

We made love afterwards, and it was amazing. So much sea air ( delightful),walking beaches, swimming, and working out in the gym has us sleeping very soundly, and early in the evening. Makes us smile that we have reached the Holland America passengers bedtime routine.

Bottoms up


Anonymous said...

She has graduated me to two kind of spanking now....GOOD BOY WHICH IS OVER HER KNEES, NYLONS ON AND RED HEELS IN HONOR OF RED....she refers to this as 4 H fir heels, hose, hairbrush and hiney......there is a happy ending to these.

The other is the PUNISHMENT SPANKINGS which she developed thanks to you Red and it is for cause and over the bed bottom propped up and over a 60 minute time I wait for her to walk in with whatever implement she chooses including the worth which is a plastic curtain rod thick but flexible and brutal. This is followed with 20 minutes in the corner and then me writing about it.....she is enjoying these too much.

Red said...

Hi George: I think I was just as responsible for including good boy spankings with benefits, and the idea of punishment spankings simply evolves once one is in the spanking world. I have learned to enjoy both, in that the punishment ones solves a problem.
were you supposed to send one of them to me privately for posting?
bottoms up