another spanking

Thought I would just use a small post today.

We are going to some people's house later tonight, where it was decided (by Cindy) to make certain I was on my best behavior. I can sometimes take the opposite viewpoint in a discussion just for the fun of discussion. No side is ever all good or all bad, including the current President

Earlier today, it was about fifteen spanks with the food stirrer, to be certain to behave tonight. these spanks had me trying my bes tto stay in place.

However, just before going, I asked Cindy to give me a proper spanking (ie: significant) to permit her to relax and not be uptight, and for me to be reminded whenever I sat down.

She very graciously agreed, and it was many, many forceful spanks on the bare bottom, over her knees, with the wooden bath brush. I can certainly say that they were very effective, with maybe a small tear in the eyes when finished.

Then it was hands on knees, for six of the best with the cane (from Ronnie), just to be certain.

(sort of like this, but she is a lot more attractive than I am.)
bottoms up



Dan said...

I once got one of those just in case spankings before going to a party and figured the was good for a least one screw up. Boy was I wrong. When I got home I was spanked harder than usual.

Quentin QBuzz said...

Sounds like Cindy should spank you before any potentially stressful situation :D

Anonymous said...

I strongly believe in the need (and merits) of giving L a firm spanking before we go out to a "social" where I have reason to fear that his behavior might be objectionable. In fact, he got such an "advance warning" (50 with my thick leather strap) just a week ago - and, with a sore derrière as a reminder, he managed to avoid misbehaving (or needing another whipping after we got home)!

Anonymous said...

A firm spanking with a brush followed by a caning sounds quite effective! Did you have difficulty sittting down? And if so, did anyone notice?

Jon (also spanked but not as often or as severely as you).

Red said...

Dan: given a spanking to behave, then not behaving, certainly deserves a much harder immediate spanking the same day. I bet your wife mentioned what to expect as soon as you get home, either whispered or while driving home.

qbuzz: I agree, and we are doing that quite often. However, few stressful events as you get older.

J: we learn, eventually, but we do learn. Having a sore bottom at an event, knowing a worse spanking when you get home if something goes wrong, is a very effective technique of preventing problems.

JOn: thank you for leaving a comment, and maybe you might like to write more about your lifestyle, sending to me privately by email, and then I can use it as a post. Cindy's use of the cane is not severe, as you may see in photos and videos on the web, but it still is very effective.
bottoms up