wedding fantasies

Never, when we were young, but now people are more open with discussing their desires than ever before. (Maybe that scares off a lot of people from ever getting married).

Maybe this is how many first dates should end!
if I was getting married today, this would be my fantasy..
and at the wedding reception, your wife might insist you show her the proper respect, and how your married life will be
The bridesmaids might even give your wife a present specially designed for her use
and thus, life will evolve nicely
with your bottom being spanked regularly
However, I cannot help to think that I would have also liked to spank the bridesmaids before the wedding
bottoms up



Tomy Nash said...

On our wedding day Aunt Kay and I took a private stroll in the woods before the ceremony and I got a switching,

Anonymous said...

Maybe the bridesmaids should go to the hotel after and the three of them can give him a proper spanking to start the marriage off right.

Baxter said...

Early in my marriage, I asked my wife about spanking me and she said no, that it was perverted. But probably about 15 or so years ago, she acquiesced and would give me a spanking now and then. Now at 35 years of marriage, she said she wished she had not turned me away about spanking early on as we could have had a lot of fun with it. Oh well, here we are in our early sixties and I get a spanking once or twice a week. However, I believe had she been spanking me throughout our marriage, I would not have done some of the dumb headed things I have done.

Anonymous said...

My wife Irene spanked me many times before we were married 37 years ago. I don’t really remember the first time.

But on our honeymoon, in a mountain cabin, she really blistered my bottom with a hairbrush. I couldn’t believe the intensity and didn’t think I could take it. But it turned out to be the most arousing thing ever, and stil is to this day.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it would be a good idea to develop new wedding customs for the 21st century. Instead of a dress the bride should wear pants, as she is going to be wearing the pants in the marriage. It is difficult to decide what the groom should wear. He should not wear pants of course, but nudity would hardly be appropriate at a public ceremony. Maybe a pair of shorts or briefs would be acceptable. He will of course promise to love, honor and obey his future wife. When they have been pronounced Woman and husband, she will put him across her knee and spank him in front of the witnesses. It need not be a severe spanking, just a symbolic act to show that she now has the right to discipline him.

Red said...


archedone; a delightful idea

Baxter: we are basically very similar, and at times, Cindy wishes she could have spanked me from the beginning.

Rosco: sounds like a wonderful relationship

anon: great idea.

bottoms up

Dan said...

My wife and me discussed spanking before we were marries. After my divorce I did not want another relationship with a wife who wouldn't go for anything so when we started to discuss marriage I decided it was time to bring up spanking before I committed to marriage. She was a little shocked at first but I gave her materials I purchased from Aunt Kay and pages of websites that promoted female led marriages. After a couple of days she came to me and said she was interested in a FLR marriage so ever since we were married I have been spanked starting with our wedding night.

Yorkie69 said...

I frequently fantasize that my wife would've spanked me on our wedding night. Never mind, at least she does it now!


Red said...

Dan: thanks for sharing, and a delightful way of two adults making certain they were on the same page if married. (and who would be over whose knnes when needed)

Yorkie: Maybe

Anonymous said...

N., my (late) first wife, started spanking me soon after we met (initially "for a reason", but soon enough, "just because") - and I accepted it. A few days before our wedding, she ordered me to escort her to a neighborhood store (this was in France) where she picked a sturdy martinet -following the (female) owner's smiling advice- and, after I had (somewhat shamefacedly) paid for it, I got my first taste of it when we got home... The martinet was used again on our official wedding night - and regularly after that, along with several other "tools"... When I later re-married, J. (who had not only watched me being spanked many times but had occasionally invited to "lend a hand) lost no time to assert her own authority over my derrière...

Red said...

L: You are definitely attracted to strong women, and have learned to enjoy the lifestyle. Thanks for the recap for new readers.
bottoms up