rule number two for vacation

We had a second session , of me both OTK and lying on pillows.
When on vacation, while cruising, we have FREE HAPPY HOUR for FOUR HOURS. if you have cruised for them numerous times, you reach a level where this happens. It is supposed to be only three drinks, but it really is unlimited in the massive area, with windows looking out on the ocean, and plenty of delicious hors d'oeuvres.  

First was the short tawse, after experimenting with a ancient finger paddle that had no breadth to the fingers, and hurt Cindy's wrist more than my bottom. It has since been thrown out. The tawse was extremely effective.
While the tawse was being used, today's lesson is that although those drinks are free, do Not have more than two per day, as they add to a lot of weight gain, and really the wine is subpar sometimes. 

Then, a pause occurred to review the first lesson: How long do I need to get ready without you bothering me? My reply: 45 minutes was received with a well done and many enthusiastic spanks.

Okay, now fix the pillows on the bed for the cane from your friend Ronnie. Two pillows on top of each other, makes my bottom an inviting target. Numerous cane strokes, both higher and lower had me ooooing and owwing, and feet dancing a little jig.

A review of both rules for the vacation, and then permitted to stand. I immediately thanked Cindy for the spanking.

Such an easy way to ingrain in a person's mind of how to keep the vacation enjoyable without little things bothering the vacation.

bottoms up

These two rules I will follow


Red said...


Yorkie69 said...

There is nothing more true than that last one.


P.S. nice spanking by the way. I am always envious.


Red said...

Yorkie thanks for the comment, your time will hopefully come soon