red spanked the next day

The day after Cindy was spanked, we were out with people where I thought I made a slightly humorous joke. Cindy did not enjoy it, and told me she was offended by it when we got home.

No guesses needed.

Upstairs, retrieve one of Ronnie's canes, and bare bottom, on my knees, upright like praying, on the spanking chair.

Many many short hard cane strokes were given, with my apologizing and grimacing.
A very quick method to solve a dumb problem.
I apologized, and promised to try and think before making a joke of this nature.  A flurry of cane strokes, with the admonition is that " YOU DO NOT MAKE JOKES ANYWHERE OF THIS NATURE."

Yes dear.

I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and all is fine. By the time this is posted, we will be on vacation.

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

A cane applied to one's bottom can teach them the error in their ways. I hope Cindy enjoyed looking at the stripes on your bottom.

Red said...

Archedone: she was pleased with her efforts