It is time that I start searching more spanking blogs, than simply using tumblr for pictures, as reading and imagining is far more interesting than just observing.

Here is a wonderful blog,

With excellent captioned spanking art, that has been inexistence since 2014.

It is created by Phil Overbarrel, and has both  M/F and F/M spanking, which is a delight for me, and many others.

The most wonderful features it  has is that it also includes::
  • other people discovering  you are spanked
  • other people knowing you are spanked
  • other people seeing you be spanked
  • being spanked with another person being spanked at the same time
or the opposite scenarios of you being the spanker and your partner being the spankee.

The best feature is that it is not a one off standalone  art with talking bubbles, but a entire story is produced of 5 or 10 different art works and captions, l released over a number of days. This way you have a little suspense, and time to imagine what will be happening in the next posting.

This link will go on my frequently visited favorites, and when back from vacation, I can start to enjoy the site by starting reading back in 2014 forward.

bottoms up


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